Starman’s Song.

there’s a rake thin man who said / put on your red shoes and dance the blues


let’s talk about this betrayal


there is a boy / who grew up / without boys


the moon will still grow / thin then fat then gone


an exquisite bloom / reaping as it’s devoured / a terrible nebula / entrancing all who dare gaze

Fight Club


A Bitter Passage

our love is a slave ship / and I’m shackled to the bilge

Phantom Girl

These people are difficult to navigate / Harder than the streets


Don’t forget to try and regain the upper hand / When your hand is all you’re left with.

Shadow Lass

And if you asked her she’d tell you

This thing called healthy dependency


You don’t need to clip my feathers when I&#…

I’ll hold your truth ‘neath these rainbow wings / You’ll never see them unfurled

Eulogy for my Abuser

I write this eulogy for you in the dark / Lightless scrawls guided by memory

Persephone’s Ascent

Dry scars give way / To sun streaked skies
He Sewed His Eyes Shut by Raz Solo Power Top! by Raz Solo Power Bottom! by Raz Solo

Grey Cat

I’m on my eighth life / Weighed down by incarnations past / And an accumulation of disease

Love letter to a hustler

Impossibly beautiful, some absurd Baz Luhrmann bit player gliding silently along on roller skates in the middle of the Hollywood night̷…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Artists by Raz Solo Release the Kraken by Raz Solo

Ouroboros Boy

…You think this is Isolation’s impossible womb, a womb borne of a million tiny wounds…
skatergirl by Raz Solo Jiz's Electronic Drug Dealer by Raz Solo Llama Del Rey by Raz Solo Bete by Raz Solo Shanghalla tee by Raz Solo Selling the Revolution by Raz Solo Master of the Fright Zone by Raz Solo Master of EEEEEEVIlIIL by Raz Solo freeky tee by Raz Solo Artemis by Raz Solo Cernunnos by Raz Solo Bonita by Raz Solo

How To Explain Racism To The Blind

The photograph is of a black man in drab pants and a collared shirt, curled almost fetal on the rain-soaked asphalt as he tries to protect …


Jeannette-Marie, Zombie Slayer of Marseille by Raz Solo

happy house

baby i like the way you remember / all my pretty lies / the way you pretend / you believe them for me
Feed The Man Meat! by Raz Solo Put a bird on it by Raz Solo The Prime Of My Life: An Autobotgraphy by Raz Solo Kyoto tee by Raz Solo

the nostalgia you earned

there were days that went by sweetly / nights that peek like baby animals
Marilyn Muerte by Raz Solo A tree that grows hearts by Raz Solo

You Can’t Be A Has-Been If You Never Were

You’re always on the verge of living…
rut greeting card by Raz Solo Kevin Bacon by Raz Solo

The little goddess.

Each night she bit her fingernails to the quick in her futile search for some sign of womanhood in this graceless sexless form.

the spiders.

During the night when I was sweating spiders / Multitudes of limbs broke the haze
Beautiful Criminal by Raz Solo Mini Party People by Raz Solo The Raven by Raz Solo Choose Life...WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!! by Raz Solo Can't Hug Every Cat by Raz Solo fierce! by Raz Solo Jesus forgot the safeword by Raz Solo

How To Be A Man (a letter you write to yourself)

Hey there teenage self, / There are some things you need to know.
La Mer [her kiss tastes of salt and regret] by Raz Solo

black flowers.

black flowers bloom on my mother’s grave / every petal made / from shit and blood


underneath the world / there is an echo / where the light is colder / more sharp / the darkness more vivid / and everything hurts
Velveteen by Raz Solo Gay For Pay by Raz Solo Woman by Raz Solo Kawaii Satan by Raz Solo Mr Doobie by Raz Solo .death has crawled in her ear. by Raz Solo bright lights big city by Raz Solo Goon O' Fortune by Raz Solo Hate-Face by Raz Solo The Love Goat by Raz Solo O for Oarsome by Raz Solo Bleeding Rose by Raz Solo street sticker design by Raz Solo Emo Of The Sea by Raz Solo I Heart Pussy tee by Raz Solo I Heart Cock tee by Raz Solo CAUTION: Choking Hazard by Raz Solo 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One by Raz Solo

Baby Can I Hold You

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