YAY for winning things!! :D

I entered a competition that the awesome schytsoframe had to win one of his awesome t-shirts, and he sent me a message today to tell me I won! This is super exciting not just because winning is fun and it’s a cool t-shirt anyway, but until I get a full-time job landed I have soooo little money that all I can afford to do is LOOK at the excellent stuff on redbubble….it’s only last week that I even managed to be able to buy one of my own shirts for the first time! Stoopid poverty line… >:oP

Anyway, it’s exciting.

What else is exciting is that I sold another couple of t-shirts today including one design that I wasn’t quite sure about….it’s nice to have the affirmation sometimes. :)

I also uploaded a new one tonight called Miss Universe 2009. One of my friends on twitter wrote something about how the Miss Universe crown should go to someone not from Earth for a change, and it reminded me of a funny one panel comic I did way back when I was in high school….so I decided to recreate it for teh lulz on here. I’m pretty happy with it, I especially dig how the human ladies look completely hateful while the poor innocent alien lady is blubbering like a baby because she got a pretty tiara. Good times. ;)

Time to go to bed I guess….am going to see an exhibition opening tomorrow night, best be well rested for it!

Later, people of the bubble! :D

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