Ray Jackson

Joined March 2010

I was born South West of London, moved to the U.S. as a teen now living in New Haven, Connecticut. I‘ve always had an interest for art...

No artist should be stagnent!

Well it’s 11/04/11, the year is almost over and I’m looking over my works to see if I’ve grown as an artist,perfecting my craft,and plotting my direction for the near future. Last year I didn’t even know I was a portrait artist untill I looked over the works from the year before. When I joined Red Bubble 03/18/10, I joined  as a imaginative self tought artist looking to aw people with my graphic illustration work. Taking my pencil and ink sketches and painting them in PSE 8 .then I found that I could sketch and paint from a photo referance ,now I done sketch that much I just paint what I see .
From Now to the end of the year and into next year my resolution is to commit one day per week to a traditional medium  .Untill now I’ve only posted works in , graphite,charcoal,ink,and my passion digital . But I ‘m going to start to add works in anther medium.
 Since I beleive that no artist should be stagnent, ( without growth ).
Each artist should be streching the boundries of expression through creativity and exploration of themselves and thier mediums.( learning  new ways to perfect his or her craft).
   Up untill three years ago I had forgotten who / or should I say what I was ,I had put down my pencils for twenty plus years and it eat me up.
In that time ,I did start a family , remodelled two houses with the help of my wife natrally! Each time I thought 
to myself I should start drawing again ,something would always come along
and distracted me, even time was my enimy , but not anymore !!! I will not lay my creativity to rest ,I’ll do that when I’m dead !
Untill then I will work towords leaving a part of me behind, other than my kids , call it my mark, or my statement, To let the world know I was here !! 

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