June James

YOUNG COUPLESOPT FOR HOMESAND BOATSNOT FAMILIESToo much death anduncertainty in theworld for children…WORLDPOPULATIONIN DECLINEW.H.O. report page 3. . .CITIZENS IN BODY BAGS‘D. O. A.’More and more of our youngcitizens returning from Worldcombat zones. .CHURCH PRAYER MEETINGSON THE INCREASEThousands of people are gettingtogether to pray for peace and nomore death in the world…

‘Why won’t ‘THEY’ see_ REASON?’

The lone worker, in front of the Main Ether Net floating fields of plasma, where all these headlines are reeling up one after another on the Earth’s Internet, Email and Fax scanning station, makes this plea.
‘These reports speak for themselves, yet ‘they’ still debate the issue! Look at this!’ He tells the screen, as, with a wave of a hand he brings up earlier census figures.
‘Fourteen thousand deaths, fourteen thousand births, give or take a few each day. It balances out, barring accidents on both counts’.

Now he moves to another screen, which display today’s World Health Organization figures on World Population.
‘See’ the dedicated worker exclaims, ‘Twenty thousand dead or dying, and only seven thousand born’ he quotes aloud.

With a wave of his hand, the screens change again, this time to a Virtual Future.
He is so wrapped up in indignation, he does not realise he is speaking aloud, or that anyone is listening.
A new message appears on the screen in front of the worker.


He stares in disbelief as the blindingly bright, flashing message filled the screen, interrupting his research.
‘It doesn’t seem to matter ‘what’ I report,’ he explodes in indignation, ‘or what arguments I use, all I get from the Committee is, ‘Don’t intervene’’.
All the screens now flash the same message.

Pushing himself away from the workstation, as if he’s trying to escape, ‘It’s alright for them,’ he declares, ‘They aren’t the ones run off their proverbial feet. To the contrary, the other half of this department is practically barren!’

He looks to the port-panel shimmering red in the light reflecting off the screens.
‘If they aren’t willing to ‘DO’ anything, and I’m not allowed to ‘DO’ anything, there’s only one answer to this.’
The conviction of this statement seems to push him towards the shimmering Portal.
Gathering his Scythe from its hook, he exits the office of Births and Deaths, on his way to finding the answer.

Down on Earth, the news presenters were on a 24-hour call, as the journalists continued to phone in their reports.
There were rumours about soldiers in the War Zones, after being fatally wounded inexplicably living long enough to be rescued, cheating death.

This wasn’t the only Good news story to make the TV and Radio headlines. The reporter for a local country station at the district’s Hospital was finding it hard to believe what the young Mother was telling him. It wasn’t exactly the ‘norm’ for miracles to happen, in his town.

‘Mrs North,’ Trying for some emotional response, Tex continued to record his interview.
‘How do you explain Leon staying alive for the twelve hours it took for the Doctors to arrive?’
‘It’s a miracle!’ Kerri North, whispers, almost afraid to vocalise her feelings.
‘They say he should have died, but he didn’t!’ Kerri North looks up with tears of happiness filling her eyes, ‘He’s OK!’
‘Thank you Mrs North, That’s great.’ Tex said before taking his camera operator by the arm and heading for the hospital’s main exit.

‘I can remember when unexplained ‘deaths’ made headlines,’ declared the Cameraman, ‘Now it’s unexplainable survivors!’
‘Something really weird is going on lately, Len,’ agreed Tex. ‘There hasn’t been one fatality ‘anywhere’ on the planet for the last twenty four hours, let alone this sleepy little hollow!’

The noise level of this voice shakes their very floor of the Conference Room. Those nearest to the Conference table are able to stay on their feet; only by grabbing, it’s edge. Those who are still moving to their places, vainly reach out for each other as their feet go out from beneath them.

The owner of the voice moves purposely to the top of the table.
No round table here, more like an arrowhead. Looks like the ‘Boss’s’ sense of humour came to the fore in the design.
He sits at the point, and everyone knows who’s view, is the ‘One and only’ point of view.
‘Well, who can tell me?’ His voice, no longer the power of an earthquake, but still powerful enough to demand and get attention.
‘Come on! Pull yourselves together! There’s enough chaos being created elsewhere’ His voice lowers in decibel even further, and his eyes travel over those assembled.
‘Thomas!’ recognising the crumpled shape trying to gain his feet near-by.
‘Pick your self up off the floor and tell me what you know of the situation.’

The head of Research and Development pulls himself up to sitting position, by using the nearest chair-leg as leverage. Grabbing the table’s edge with one hand, and clutching his portfolio with the other, he tries to give the appearance of total control as he gains sit seat.
Everyone else present breathes an audible sigh of relief, not to be in his sandals.
Rising again he sounds any thing but confident.

‘Your will be done, Boss, All reports in the last couple of hours, either on the Inter or Ether Nets of earth are these good news bulletins, and I doubt if they are going to stop.’
Thomas looks to the other members of the Head Committee for encouragement.
‘Except for the earlier information we received, when the situation commenced, I doubt if we have any conclusive proof of Death’s whereabouts.’ Thomas concludes and quickly resumes his seat.

‘Keep up the pressure on your staff to be sure of the facts, Thomas, I will have him found.’
‘Amen,’ came the united reply from those present.

Looking down one side of the table, across the bottom and up the right hand side, the Boss’ eyes come to rest on a softly robed figure.
‘Mary, what light can you shine on this problem?’ He asks in a surprisingly soft voice.
While Mary leafs through the files she has in front of her, He looks straight down to the bottom of the table where he finds the attention of The Political and Finance Departmental head. Giving him a slight nod, he turns his attention back to Mary, his Co-head of the Department for Births and Deaths.

He admonishes, ‘Come on woman. We’ve got to find him before this gets totally out of hand!’
‘Your Will be done Boss,’ begins Mary, ‘ Well, we’re trying to follow Deaths movements, but we are thin on the ground.
Because of the downturn in production we had to let staff go; until we can get trained staff numbers back up again, we are struggling to keep up.’ Mary is increasingly agitated as she continues.
‘While Death’s staff members, who are usually are overloaded, are practically unemployed!’
Before any criticism can come her way, she concludes.
‘We just haven’t the personnel to call on like we used to have, and now all of a sudden we have this unforeseen crisis. With demand now outstripping supply in Births, we have practically no-one to spare for the search!’

‘OK, I see your problem.’ He hesitates, looking once more to the right of his chair.
‘You’re not as busy these days, John,’ he states, bringing the Head of Registrations and Baptisms into the discussion.
‘Send some of your staff over to Mary, and give them a hand with the search. Meanwhile, Matthew, you have a good number of your staff on the ground already, check out the Casinos and Betting-shops, see if you can get ahead of the game.’

‘Your will be done, Boss,’ says Matthew, Head of Dept. for Politics and Finance. Taking out his communication-unit, he rises leaving the table and the room with Mary and John.
‘Right, Luke,’ the Boss orders.
‘Get your staffs to make a cyber-sonic search of all the Hospitals and Cities Morgue. Go forward and back in time, see if you can find the point of decline. That should give us some idea of how long he has been off the job.
He is not going to stay in one place for long, because he knows the effect he has on life. So he’s got to keep moving.’

‘Thy will be done, Boss. We’ve already put a tap on all the phone lines and satellite links between Doctors’ rooms and clinics,’ Luke reports, as he too leaves the discussions.

’Have the rest of you any theories as to why Death has gone off with out notice? We can’t have C E Os going off willy-nilly, just because they want to!’
‘Your will be done, Boss’
‘Yes Paul, it will,’ answers the Boss.

‘He was feeling a bit stressed the other day,’ offered Paul, continuing, ‘Something to do with not having the will. He didn’t say whose will, he just kept muttering to himself about it not balancing without taking the will back. I must admit I was a bit blind, but now I see he needed more than I gave him at the time.’ Paul goes on
‘Well Paul, as you head our Psych’ Department, search his desk for his personal notes, and see if you can get to the bottom of this madness.’
‘We’ll find him Boss,’ answers Paul, tapping his E-Pager in order to bring his staff together and meet him at the portal of the room as he leaves the conference.

‘Andrew, Peter?’ says the Boss to two of those remaining.
‘Go down to the ports and beaches, and see if he’s in any of those haunts. Fish him out and reel him in!’

‘Magdalene, you hit all the Recreation Parks and Rest sites. Keep all avenues and channels open, so your girls can report.
Should you find him, do not send your agents for the pick-up. Give him your personal attention as only you can.’ The boss smiles at his R & R CEO, knowing she is the best person for this job.

‘Gabriel,’ the Boss turns his attention back the next in line, ‘check the Cosmos and asteroids, you never know he maybe moonlighting.’

Standing up, he opened his arms as if to embrace those who remained.
‘The rest of you watch the Earth-based Internet screens, and stay alert. The good news stories will lead us to his whereabouts; so do not fall asleep. I want to know the very second he is found.’
His arms drop as he moves away from the High Seat of the table, ‘Don’t hang around here. Get to it!’
‘Your will be done’ they chorused.
‘It had better be, and quick!’ He demands, as he disappears from the conference room. Not that anyone actually saw him leave!

The lone figure strolls peacefully until he finds a spot on the sand away from the surf. Putting up his umbrella to shelter from the cool evening breeze, and laying his scythe on the sand, he watches the sun go down.
‘This’ll do nicely,’ he says to himself, ‘they’ll be here soon.’

Meanwhile back in the Communications Room the screens were scrolling again with both Heavenly and Earthly Net-Pages. Everywhere was the same, Electronic and print media headlines, all reporting ‘Good News’.

‘We’ve FOUND him!’
The sound of this message reverberates and is screening around the complete spiritual world and the Cosmos, calling in all those searching.

‘WHERE, WHERE IS HE? I want him here NOW!’

This last word shakes the place again, and echoes in the clouds like a summer thunderstorm. Simultaneously the Boss appears seated, in His High Seat at the Conference table, as everyone hurries and scurries to gain their places.
Amongst the bustle, two men enter the room together, and move quietly to the far side.
‘Oh no you don’t son. Bring that Miscreant to me!’

Jesus walks in the shadow of Death and stands by his side when he is tested.
Also standing close by are Paul and Luke.
‘Well. What have you to say for yourself?’ The Boss’ tone is a surprisingly soft whisper.
Death stands tall, unrepentant, and his face holds a peaceful smile. Looking directly at his the Boss, which is something else new to him, he says,
‘Thy will be done, Sir’.
‘Yes. We know it will!’ He coaxes very quietly, holding the eyes of the CEO of, (until recently) his largest department.
‘WHAT did you do?’
‘Now Boss, you are always adamant that we do not do anything to intervene regarding the ‘Free-will’ which you gave to mankind. Sir.’
‘So, if you knew that; why didn’t you leave things alone?’
‘I did leave things alone, Sir. I did nothing to intervene,’ smiles Death, in a very disconcerting manner.
Death’s sense of humour is rarely to the fore.

‘Yes my son. Do not say you condone this malcontent.
‘Father, Death has done Thy Will, and helped your creation.’
‘How do you work that out? He’s caused havoc in all departments.’

‘Thy will be done, Boss’ says Paul, ‘With your permission I too would also like to speak on Death’s behalf.’
There is a buzz in the room, getting louder as everyone starts taking Death’ side, exclaiming and attesting how and wonderful ‘life’ is now on Earth.
‘Alright! Alright then,’ the Boss reluctantly agrees, ‘Enlighten me Paul, seeing this business is related to your department.’

‘Well,’ begins Paul, ‘Up to recently the Earth’s population was rapidly running out of the most mentally, and physically healthy people. Joy had become a dream of past generations. More good people were dying in wars, battles, and armed conflicts. There are still fatal accidents and diseases; and with Births becoming an act of convenience, the whole population was going down hill like ‘oil on a forehead’ at baptism,’ explains Paul as he directs his complete attention to the Boss, eye to eye.

‘The improvement and Joy in living, that mankind is now learning anew is solely and wholly due to the action, or more correctly the ‘inaction’ of Death, because he took a day off at the beach.’
The Boss considers Paul’s explanation, and the rest of the committee who plead with him.

He stands to give his judgement, and all bow their heads in anticipation of ‘His will’.
‘Although Death did not technically ‘do’ anything,’ He pauses to give emphasis, ‘I gave man kind free will EARTH, NOT IN HEAVEN!’

He pauses and looking directly at Death, ‘All further initiatives are to be cleared through Jesus.
No-body does anything except through Him.





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A world without death could result in chaos!

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