EMOTIO a story about hope and the power of healing

Max was scared.
He was lying in bed with his eyes wide open.
He could hear the soft humming of the gadget controlling his infusion and the other scary noises in the night.
He turned out the night light.
Max felt alone.
And angry because his parents had once again forgotten to bring him new batteries for his Gameboy. After awhile he felt so tired he just closed his eyes and fell asleep.



Where am I ??? Max shouted after he realized that he was no longer lying in his bed at the St Peters hospital for children, but instead standing alone on a long, dusty road that seemed to be floating in space in the middle of nowhere. The air smelled like burned out matches and all he could see was a thick yellow fog filling in the world. All of a sudden he heard a soft humming noise much like the noise bees make when flying around on hot summer days and all of a sudden, there, standing beside him appeared a small, green, funny looking creature with a large bump on his forehead and a rather funny, lopsided smile.
“Hold your head up high!” I thought I heard him say, although I wasnt quite sure if he was speaking english. “My name is Emotio I come from Tryfatt and I am here to help you.” He said in a somewhat wavey but warm voice he touched my arm, his hand felt like warmed up jelly beans and his eyes blinked “I am here to help you cross the bridge of mood that leads into the lands of Epoh this journey will change your life but you have tons of things to do before you get there. Are you ready or would you rather go back and play with your Gameboy?”
Becaus,e I had no batteries left for my Gameboy anyway I hesitantly replied.“Yy…es”

Emotio said. “The first thing you have to do, is to learn to fight against being afraid! Everytime you feel fear your body loses energy and you need this energy to cross the bridge remember, remember. Fear is just a thought inside your head and normally has nothing to do with the reality. F=Falling, E=Energy, A=Alters, R=Reality. So if you can think FEAR then you can also think NOFEAR. So close your eyes and go back into your short past to a time when you felt strong and fearless.”I closed my eyes and imagined the time when I was hiking through the bush, it was a night hike and I could hear the other boys complaining about the dark trying to cover up being frightened but for some reason I felt great. “And now put your right hand on your chest and let that NOFEAR feeling that you now have get stronger. I heard Emotio saying. „And at the same time think of something that frightens you.“ I tried to think of something that I was afraid of, but everything I thought of – getting needles, monsters or whatever just felt like cotton wool, no meaning at all – I was very impressed with my new friend. Then I heard a funny noise something like the noise a computer sometimes makes except it came out backwards something like this “gggggnilpp!” Then I was back in my bed In the kids ward where I could remember everything that happened in the dream and the sun was shining through the windows.BE STRONGBE LOUDBE WILDBE FREEBE YOU


“Hi max I just need to take a little bit of blood for testing, so make a fist and don’t be scared it doesnt hurt” said the nice lady doctor she took my arm and at first I was afraid ! But then I heard this faint wavey voice in the back of my head saying “Fight against fear”!
“Im not scared!” I said. She put the needle into my arm, and I laid my hand on my chest and guess what? I felt nothing at all, maybe Emotio has hypnotised me?

Max had a busy day having to get x-rays, computer tomograms, sonograms etc but for the first time in his life he felt no fear. And as well as this he had found a new friend. In the evening he quickly closed his eyes on the way to meet up once again with Emotio.



„Run, run! As fast as you can"! Emotio shouted the crabbits are on their way!“
„I dont see anything except shadows and funny lookng trees, and what are crabbits anyway?“ Max asked totally in the dark.
“I will tell you later its no time for school now, we have to get to the river of efil double quick, double time kringggglavo” !!!!!
I ran holding his hand feeling something like electricity coming out of his fingers flowing into my hand, looking to the side of the road I could see giant trees and plants as big as houses, everything was either grey,brown or black and I couldnt see the sky. I could still see traces of the yellow fog and there was a heavy feeling in the air as if something was pressing down on me, trying to make me feel small and weak. After a while we came to a river of silver water shining in the moonlight I could feel sand under my feet.
„Now stop, sit down, and take a deep breath, as much air as you can then breath out slowly through your mouth and let yourself feel relaxed and strong you are safe!“ Emotio said looking straight into my eyes and waving his furry arm he told me to look at a funny little screen that materialised out of nowhere hanging in midair in front of my eyes.

The voice coming from the screen sounded like a cross between Eminem and my history teacher Mr Bingham .
“Crabbits are monsters who live in 2 places at once here in the land of ssenlli and at the same time within you, nested inside your body, they hide and wait. They think only evil thoughts and there only goal is to make you feel weak, helpless or unhappy. When the time is right, at those times when you feel like giving up, they will raise their ugly heads and fill your body with illness.
All forms of feelings and emotions cause crabbits to disappear instantly whether it is joy, sadness ,fear, hope, love or anger. All you have to do is either talk about what you feel or show it, through what you do. Even thinking about feelings can be harmfull to crabbits we call this Emozapping.”
On the screen I could see pictures of all kinds of monsters little ones, giant ones, spikey ones, real scarry ones,some with hundreds of legs, others with hundreds of heads all either walking, crawling or slithering around they all looked really awesome but once again some how i felt no fear.
“But i always say what i think!”
“No!” said Emotio “Not what you think that you feel, but that what you would not normally say. That Is what kills crabbits. Your really important wishes and dreams, asking for exactly what you want and refusing that what you dont want. Your real world comes then from inside of you and crabbits absolutely hate independant humans especially when they are children gryynkkk!”
“Yeah” I said “I think I understand” All of a sudden a giant crabbit jumped in front of us with a huge head and At least 7 eyes and waving arms that looked like lobster claws!
“Now!” shouted Emotio. „Shoot him with an emmozap!" I closed my eyes and felt a feeling of inner strength mixed with courage somewhere inside my belly instantly a shining sword materialised in my hand I screamed as loud as I could and in one sweep I cut off the head of my first crabbit.
“Grabawolli” said Emotio „I guess that means great in emotiospeak“ I thought, I was still shaking a little bit and sweat was burning into my eyes as Emotio took my hand in his and said “fear forward my friend”

“Good morning max” said my favourite nurse as i opened my eyes
And once again i felt the slippery plastic mattress of my hospital bed beneath my body. i felt something hard in my hand and looking down I saw what looked like an acorn only it was neon green in colour i quickly slipped it under my pillow.


EMOTIO a story about hope and the power of healing


Eitorf, Germany

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Artist's Description

This is the beginning of a book about children, cancer and the power of self healing. it has been released in germany titled “Emotio”. the english version has not yet been printed.

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