Monday Musing's #11

Recently I have been getting a few emails from some of the groups I belong to reiterating their rules and stating that the flagrant abuse of them by some will not be tolerated and their work will be deleted from the group or challenges and serial offenders will be banned from the group ..I fully support and applaud the action of the moderators !! What people will do to be noticed..what sets this site apart from many is that whilst freedom of artistic expression is inherently supported and cultivated the open slather self promoting me me attitude isn’t…

So…HDR it..lump it ..? The reason I ask is that I have had a few comments on some photos of mine regarding it.From the outset I am not a HDR expert and wont pretend to be, there is a HDR group where you can get the answers to all the questions.In my work I do in some cases with certain photo’s endeavour to improve the high dynamic range….I love to tinker.

Firstly for me there are 2 types of HDR. Pseudo (simulated) and Proper. Proper is the where you take multiple exposures ( i have heard of up to 30 !) of the same subject then combine them via software. Generally but not always it has the limitation of the subject being static.Pseudo on the other hand works with a single image again through software or filters and the purists might say this is really quasi HDR.The former will generally provide the higher quality result, however the latter can provide more flexibility.You can even create multiple exposure’s from a single raw image then combine them to subtly improve HDR which I did in the case of this image.

That’s not to say that I don’t dabble in proper HDR.My camera has a function where you put it on a tripod and set it to take up to 9 shots at different exposures automatically without touching it (after setting) or the need for a remote release.Makes life easy.To some this may not look like HDR but I like to keep nature as natural as it looked to me at the time.Rainforest’s are a lighting nightmare for a sensor.This shot was taken the way explained above then combined and tone mapped in Photomatrix

At the risk of sounding moi moi I better show you what is “real” HDR which I have’nt tackled yet but probably will give it a shot sometime.This is by Phillip Johnson who is a moderator of the the HDR group and obviously knows his stuff !

Yin me Yang me .. :)

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