What would you do .....

…to get THAT photo ?

Recently a Bubblelite injured herself in the process of getting THAT photo.I dont know the whole story but it begs the question…

When I was young and silly (vs old and foolish) I was on a diving trip way out in the Coral Sea on some reefs called Lihou and Marion.We were hundreds miles from any quick help so controlling our abundant male hormones was a must.Wrong.We were on this boat 10 days so whilst the diving was brilliant we were always looking for things to do between dives…fishing was a popular pastime but landing a fish became a real art…not due to any lack of fishing skills….but to land them before the sharks got them.These guys were really fighting us for our dinner ! So we decided to turn frustration into fun and play with the sharks (Whalers) buy dangling fish we did have around them and making them earn their supper for our camera’s and entertainment…

(I apoligise for the quality of these photos ..they are scanned from 35mm slides and not all were in good condition)

But wait…there’s more.This was exciting but what if you could get a shot of one about to go for the bait….but from under the water…hmmmm …I dare ya said one of the yanks on board…not a good thing to say to a young Aussie full of jumping hormones and who considered himself at that time…invincible.So I figured out that I would lay on the duck board hang over into the water from the waist down while another mate dangled the bait a little further out.The yanks contribution to my plan was to fill my speedo’s full of dead fish !

Would I do it now….maybe…but not in speedo’s….lol

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