Monday Musings 3

Steve Bulford admits he was lucky to get this shot I say LUCKY YOU Steve !! I have tried and tried to get something like this.Every other year I take a whale watching tour in the hope of striking one of these.Oh I have seen them to the left…to the right ..they NEVER breach where I am looking and I only get to snap the splash as the huge majestic creature disappears into the blue…I am not alone in that I know.The last trip I did the deck hand was an avid photographer, he has had 12 years of opportunity yet he has only captured 2 … there is hope for me yet ! If you love images of animals in their natural habitat like I do…check his site out you wont be disappointed.

California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) are notorious for being playful and inquisitive wrote Amanda Cotton yes they are Amanda and so are their Aussie variants.I have had this experience and it remains one of my greatest memories, in fact Amanda’s photo had me resurrecting 35mm slide film of my encounter and had me wondering again, where my little friend ended up…arhh thats a whole other story ..back to Amanda’s friend…

Most mornings I ride my bike (peddle) into the dawn on my way to the beach.It never ceases to amaze me the infinite array of spectacular colors and light mother conjures up ! In my world everything..looks better at this time .. Lisa Kenny has captured a magical moment of an old sailing vessel immersed in the light of dawn…and makes it sing..

This week in my bubble was as good as the last.And this week I learned something else.That all features are not created equal, for me.Whilst I appreciate all of them, I don’t tend to shout my successes from the highest peak I prefer to BM those responsible and show my appreciation because it’s done their spare time and that often goes without thanks.All the groups i do..and will ..belong to..inspire me.And like most people I guess I am better at creating some images than others and often they are the ones that get featured.My comfort zone.Whilst all inspire me…there are those groups that push me out that comfort zone ..and one is Black and White Photography.To emote people without color is a challenge and I was chuffed to see In your presence .. featured in that group ..

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