Monday Musings 2

Phewwww a weeks a long time in the bubble eh ? … new friends .. old friends several features (7 for the feature counters) and even el presidente favored me ..(tell me another site where that happens !) I dont say that based on any delusions of grandeur…I say it because in that lays the essence of this site ..even the co-owners are actively hands on… …but what I have learnt (refreshingly) most in this past that its not about stats and views..(they are no where to be seen !).. no corporate judgments made on how good your images will look on coffee cups or mouse mats…its simply and genuinely about you…and your images and your art all adjudicated by your peers .. and I truly hope it remains that way !.

The eyes of mother are upon you…in the order of nature there is a predator for a predator ensuring the survival of the fittest,man is the predator of all in some form or another with no known predator but himself..and I wonder how we will react…if one comes..Everyone has moments of truth, those times when all that your thought was important in the world is evaporated by a moment that shows you what really is…imagine being this birds prey in this stunning image by "greenbunion ": and turning and seeing so clearly …the moment of truth…

salsbells69 wrote “The hardest thing to capture is the way you feel at the time!” amen sal ! I know what it feels like when someone truly gets it…and I get this image ..i commented to her…“You have complimented the dingo in the most magnificent way … its mostly unfair and infamous reputation is vaporized with this wonderful shot !”

This next image should emote much…in many.All I will say here is scroll half way down the comments on this emotive image by Mike Rees and read the poem inspired by it..

Have fun out there !

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