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On another forum there is an enthusiastic discussion about the legal ethical and moral concerns on images that could be seen to invade people privacy without consent and it reminded me of a situation I had. I was lunching with a group one afternoon made up largely of women and most were mothers.We had a lovely view across a park to a river.On a bank not far from us was a guy with a camera with a reasonable zoom taking photo’s.there were many children in the park and one of the ladies became concerned with his intentions this invoked a rather heated discussion and in the end I drew the short straw in having to approach him.I put on my sternest determined face and asked “Excuse me, what are you taking photo’s of ?” The poor buggers legs almost buckled as he turned to me with a somewhat shocked look on his face and with a voice of someone under pressure hastily explained how he was trying to get a shot of the sparkling water framed by the trees and the silhouette of people moving through all of which was happening beyond the park.My stern look was draining as quickly as the blood was flowing back into his face as I moved into photographer face…it wasn’t a bad shot I had to admit.Excitedly he offered to show me his results ..I could almost hear the approving murmurs from the luncheon gallery behind me as they watched us scroll through his photo’s none of which included closeups of children.I apologized and complimented him on his photography and he graciously said ’don’t worry, better to be safe than sorry".Indeed.With that I returned to the table and explained the events all to the satisfaction of the group. By now he had gone and I excused myself from the table…‘where are you going ?" to get my camera I said…and as I lined up the his shot a stern mothers voice said to me "what are you taking photo’s of’…and my legs quivered …

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