Bolzano Vicentino, Italy

Welcome to my page! / My name is Troy Young, and I am an artist from Italy. I have a passion for animals and I absolutely love to include...

Made My First Sale After 2 Weeks

I began working on a concept for a tv show in Italy based on real life events, but got side tracked many times over. Constant work demand from local clubs to make art to publicize their events, I began to fall in love with vector art and the many interesting things I could do with it. I currently work for a clothing company that sells high end merchandise. When I began to see what people would pay for just to be noticed, it was here that I realized that I could do the same and try to make better work at an affordable/comfortable way. Better part of a year, I made a few pieces of art work, but I still couldn’t figure out how to make the clothing itself. Stumbling online and searching through dozens of websites, I discovered Redbubble. The range of products and the ease of taking pressure off the artist in delivering such a service made me want to be part of the community. Thanks to Redbubble I can focus on my craft and put out my best work. To all who are in a similar situation, I hope you join the community as well. We need more creative people in the world. Peace.

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