My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group – Ravenor

First of all, I would like to say that I feel very honoured to be invited for this interview.

Interview by Randy Monteith

1: Tell me something about Caracalla Therms

I was invited to join the group “Greek and Roman Mythology”, so I created this image specifically for that group, I wanted it to look mythical and also, at the same time, try and make it look as real as possible without losing any of the dreaminess..

2: How did you create it?

I used four different images for this, the background layer “the main image” had a terribly boring plain pale blue sky, so I selected the sky with the quick selection tool, “I love this tool by the way” and then took it out using the magic eraser tool, and I replaced it with one of the many skies that I have been taking recently, just for such an occasion as this. The woman and the horse were taken from different images using the Extract filter, and then I cleaned them up with the eraser tool and smoothed the edges with the smudge tool, so that they blended in with the background. I then flattened the image and sharpened it using unsharp mask, and to finish it off, I used the plugin “Dream Suite” with the “Ghost type-soft” setting, with just a tiny bit of blurring and ghosting, to give the image a little more dreaminess, and with the same plugin, I gave the centre of the image an orange color tint, just to make it a little more dramatic..

3: What version of PhotoShop did you use?

I used Photoshop CS3.

4: Any tips or tricks you would like to Share?

A lot of people are frightened of using photoshop because of the sheer power and size of the program, all the tools, filters, adjustments etc are just too overwhelming for a lot of people, “I was one of them once :-)” So all I can say is, dont be put off by it all, play around with anything and everything as much as possible, and also, there are literally thousands of tutorials out there on the net, many of them are short video’s which can be extremely easy to follow and they are very useful, for many of those you only need to search Youtube. And another tip is when you do learn something, keep doing it every now and then, because if you are like me, you will soon forget what you did and how you did it..

5: How did you go about learning PhotoShop?

The same as above, mainly watching small video tutorials on the net, and I also once borrowed “Total Training” from a good friend, now that was useful. I actually tried photoshop when it was version 4, but I could’nt get my head around it, and it was the same with photoshop 5, when photoshop 7 came out I thought I will give it one last try, and that was it, hooked forever, its a drug. :-)

Interview by Randy Monteith

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