Vanessa Barklay

Ravenshoe, Australia

Vanessa Barklay is RavenMadd, accomplished digital artist who has sold work on and off Red Bubble, lives in Far Nth Queensland, Australia...


Looking for Free Stock To Use?

I thought I’d do a Journal entry to let anyone know who is interested I have Free Stock available from my Deviant Art account for use by anyone. Maybe some of it would come in handy to create your new artwork. I selected a few to show you some of stock I have……

Stock For Use

This one is a PSD Planet Pack, each planet is a seperate layer for easy use;

Lots more Premade space backgrounds available;

NASA downloads;

Cut Outs are always handy;

I love rust textures so have lots of those available;

They even come in pack sets;

Peeling Paint…

Interesting sets of items;

and scenery…

How about Vintage Stock Textures?

What about a Corn Dolly for Harvest Time?

I used the corn dolly myself, as well as the Premade Space background for my artwork September…

Check my Stock Folder out HERE
for lots of free

THANK YOU for 3 Weeks of FEATURES!

A big THANKS to the group hosts who kindly chose my artworks to Feature in their groups this last 3 weeks. I have been a bit slack with my Thanks and wanted to catch up and let everyone know how honoured I am to have received these. All image links below are clickable if you want to check them out..…

Gabija Fire Storm was featured in Inspired Art! Group, Freedom in Words & Art, Parallel Dimensions and Photo Manipulators

Elektra was featured in Abstract Digital Art and Writing (ADAWG)

If You Love Something T-shirt was featured in Buyers Club

June was featured in Inspired Art!, ***♂♥♥QUORN♥♥♀ and Favourite Fantasy Creations

Christmas Time was featured in Buyers Club

Time Of The Season was featured in A Fascinating Purple

Button Lichen was featured in Fungilicious

When Saturn Ruled The World


Finally, I’ve reached a Milestone on Red Bubble!! After 18 months of being a Bubbler I have finally sold 10 items! YEAH! :O)…

I thought I’d commemorate this milestone by recording all my sales I’ve had since I joined. Out of the 10 items, 2 have been sold twice, in the same format both times..meaning I’ve sold only 8 different ones. I’ve sold 4 items in the last 2 months. Today I got that email from Red Bubble telling me I’d made a Sale and that made Number 10, so here they are, each and every one, from today, going back to my 1st sale ever, in the format that it was purchased in…

Colour In The Shower has sold twice, both in a Mounted Print, it was my 10th sale today and my 3rd sale.

Meanings Of The Months Calendar was sold this month and I was thrilled to sell a Calendar, especially one t

Circles of Latitude is now HOLIDAY SIGHTS (from Around the World)


Since starting the Circles of Latitudes group, things are changing and my co-host has left. As I run other groups I have not been able to give this group as much time as I’d liked and in this time I have noticed many images coming in that don’t seem in the group guidelines, which by the way, have become very blurred.

So, I have come up with a new line for this group and the new name will be HOLIDAY SIGHTS (from Around the World)

I hope you like it and don’t be disappointed if your work doesn’t fit this theme, it was time for change and many other groups offer the opportunities to display your works.

I will introduce Moderation for a while to help the transition flow but many images here are already holiday photos and that is what this g

Another Sale!! Latest Features & Thanks!

It’s such a surreal feeling when you get that You Made A Sale On Red Bubble email I reckon, a good feeling too, knowing someone out there chose your work. I have been lucky enough to have made 8 Red Bubble Sales now and these 2 were quite recent so thank you to the buyers!!…

A card of China Doll

A Matted Print of Where Is The Water

Thanks again to the buyers, much appreciated!!

I have had a short Red Bubble break for a few weeks and haven’t contributed much new art lately so am extra thrilled to have some of my works noticed and Featured in various groups, the latest being…

Welcome To Hell Itself
Thanks to ThE aRt Of pEEliNg PaINt Group!

Purple Fungi
Thanks to Fungilicious Group for this Feature!

Room Full Of Mirrors
Featured in the Shapes & Patterns Group, thanks!

Where Is The Love?
Thanks to

Wave Your Flag Aussies - before we wave someone else's...

I have to get this off my chest, my feelings on the future of the land we call our own – Australia.…

But for how long? Did you see the 60 Minutes news article on the Naval training going on right now? To protect ourselves from unseen enemies. Well, I can see them and I’m worried for the sake of our children and our Australian way of life.

Right now we probably look like a nice target for a big, powerful country with lots of money to spend on war weapons, who need more space for their people, eyeing up our minerals and grazing lands, our Government will be a pushover, oh hang on, what Government?

We are more worried about what Julia does of a weekend that what’s going on around us in a big picture…wave the flag, don’t criticise it, sing the anthem, don’t bag it.

In 2012 American rights on


Hello my wonderful Red Bubble friends and supporters of my work :O)…

This is my first Update for months since getting my new computer up and running, hopefully getting back into the Bubble groove now.

I have some HUGE THANKS to give to some groups:

Postcard From Ravenshoe
FEATURED in The Tropical Zone Group

Are You My Mother?
FEATURED in the Far North Queensland Group

Macro Curls In The Garden
FEATURED in Flowers In Macro Group

Seeds Of Life
FEATURED in Berries, Fruits & Seeds Group

Wood Grain
FEATURED in Natural Textures Group

Nostalgic Butterfly Blues
FEATURED in Moody & Evocative Group

The Lost Temples Of Gobekli Tepe FEATURED in All The Colours of the Rainbow Group.
June FEATURED in Astrology Group
Coming Home FEATURED in Celtic Realm Group

Plus I made 2 new T-shirts lately and both scored a F

Easy Fantasy Photo-Manipulation Tutorial

Magical Forest

Do you want to recreate a magical forest? I did. For me it was one of the reasons I decided to try stock art, that is artworks using stock, stock which has been uploaded on the internet for you to use in works like this. All sorts of stock is available as well as other resources like brushes, textures and premade backgrounds.

Far from being any sort of professional at this I do have enough know-how to offer this simple tutorial to people who have never tried it before or didn’t quite get the steps required to put one together. I’m sure their is more advanced techniques out there using more expensive programs or other ways but this is a great start to it and then you can practice some more yourself as you go along. I know a couple of Red Bubblers who asked me to show them h

Vanessa's Very Interesting Newsletter - PROMOTION!

Hello lovely Red Bubblers!…

I have been thinking about how to better promote my work, your work and Red Bubble in general. It is well known that it is hard to sell artwork these days, there is so much competition. There is plenty of buyers but what they buy depends on many things. I have been lucky enough to sell work on Red Bubble and hope you have too!

How can you better utilise Red Bubble and make yourself and your work stand out? Promotion, promotion, promotion of your best, saleable work. How can I get the most out of Red Bubble and have fun at the same time?

I want to have a look around Red Bubble with you and check out some good stuff. Firstly have you seen the Red Bubble Home Page? Do you ever check it out and see the theme of the day? Today has some gorgeous shots of lovely purple

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait