Vanessa Barklay

Ravenshoe, Australia

Vanessa Barklay is RavenMadd, accomplished digital artist who has sold work on and off Red Bubble, lives in Far Nth Queensland, Australia...

Looking for Free Stock To Use?

I thought I’d do a Journal entry to let anyone know who is interested I have Free Stock available from my Deviant Art account for use by anyone. Maybe some of it would come in handy to create your new artwork. I selected a few to show you some of stock I have…

Stock For Use

This one is a PSD Planet Pack, each planet is a seperate layer for easy use;

Lots more Premade space backgrounds available;

NASA downloads;

Cut Outs are always handy;

I love rust textures so have lots of those available;

They even come in pack sets;

Peeling Paint…

Interesting sets of items;

and scenery…

How about Vintage Stock Textures?

What about a Corn Dolly for Harvest Time?

I used the corn dolly myself, as well as the Premade Space background for my artwork September…

Check my Stock Folder out HERE
for lots of free stock resources, just thought I’d let you know.

Vanessa :O)

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