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Vanessa Barklay is RavenMadd, accomplished digital artist who has sold work on and off Red Bubble, lives in Far Nth Queensland, Australia...

My BIG 2 weeks of FEATURES - THANKS!!

Hello everyone,
Again time is flying and 2 weeks are over again since I last wrote and thanked everyone for their support on Red Bubble and for my 2 weeks of Features. I was lucky enough to receive 19 Features this last fortnight and every one is very special, the thrill never wears off of having my work Featured….so a HUGE THANKS to all the Hosts and anyone else who awarded me a Feature, i appreciate it very much!

These are my 19 works that were Featured in the last 2 weeks…

Bark was featured in Natural Textures

Macro Bark was featured in Natural Textures

Creativity Represents… was featured in Lifeline

Pondering God… was featured in Bits and Pieces

Coming From Cornwall – My Celtic Roots was featured in A Fractal Energy Passion

I Wanna Be A Supermodel was featured in ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART AND WRITING

Bark was featured in Nature’s Macro Canvas

Animal Energies – The LYREBIRD was featured in Lifeline

Pyramid Of Incendia (My 1st Incendia Fractal) was featured in Digital Art Compilations

Animal Energies – The RAVEN was featured in Lifeline

A Signal From Space was featured in Out of the Blue

I Was Only 19… was featured in All Original Fusion

Coming From Cornwall – My Celtic Roots was featured in ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART AND WRITING…

Celtic Eye was featured in Color Me a Rainbow

Bird Bath was featured in Statues and Such

Pondering God… was featured in Lifeline

Throwing Copper was featured in Goldrush and Ghost Towns

A Broken Country Angel’s Sentinel was featured in Buyers Club

Beach Rocks was featured in The Art of Intrigue

Just a short one this week, rather than concentrate on me I want to use this opportunity to say a BIG THANKS to all my Red Bubble friends and supporters of my work that take the time to comment on my artworks when they like them and how I love waking up and seeing the comments too! I’ll admit it :O)

Thanks to all the members of my groups, who take the time to enter the Challenges I set, say thanks for the Feature or add something to the Forums, all much appreciated in these days of busy, busy, busy.

Thanks to Red Bubble for providing the framework for me to be creative, host groups and make new cyber friends as well as keep in touch with real friends through our shared love of artwork, thanks also to my family and friends who browse my work too.

I think that covered everyone….(thank you fans…kiss kiss!)

I love being able to be creative and one of my works recently sums up my feelings about creating art and I’ll post just this one…

Thanks everyone and keep Bubbling!!
Vanessa :O)

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