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OK, here we go, after my Top Ten Favourite Songs of All Time and My Top Ten Favourite CD’s, I thought it was time to record my Top Ten Favourite Movies.

  1. - Castaway*
    Love this movie, love Tom Hanks, could have picked a handful of his movies but in Castaway he is the movie, he holds it the whole way through with his wonderful acting abilities.
  1. - Gone With The Wind*
    I own 2 DVD’s and Gone With The Wind is one of them, this really is a brilliant movie despite all the hype it gets, I love to watch it because I like to see it portrayed in The Civil War and Scarlett is so modern for her time and such a brat and Rhett so irrisistible to her the movie truly is a classic.
  1. - Two Hands*
    A gritty Australian drama with the magnificent Bryan Brown and excellent Heath Ledger. Two Hands is such a weird movie, puts the crooks into that everyday light, maybe like Pulp Fiction does, the end where the kid is going in as Heath comes out….beautiful, you know justice is going to be served.
  1. - The Lion King*
    The Disney movie The Lion King is excellent, I think it the best Disney movie ever made and I have watched it many, many times…every voice is perfect with Scar doing an amazing job of the jealous brother and with Rown Atkinson doing the voice of Zazu the Lion King is perfect!
  1. - Madagascar*
    How hilarious is this movie?? A perfect comedy every scene is funny and every character is funny, this is damn funny!! The take-offs of everything from Planet Of The Apes to Chariots Of Fire makes it twice as funny if that’s possible!!
  1. - First Blood – Rambo 1*
    This is a top movie for edge of your seat action, the suspense of Rambo getting chased by the brilliant Brian Dennehy is more than my heart can take, love this one, not so much the follow ons, this 1st one, First Blood was pretty true to the novel.
  1. - Grease*
    This is such a wonderful movie with the best songs and all the actors are brilliant in it, still a much loved movie today the whole film from beginning to end is magic 50’s fun for me!
  1. - Terminator 1*
    Love The Terminator series, for some unknown reason…this is even more edge of your seat than First Blood!! The suspense of Terminator is what makes it so powerful, as Sarah keeps on the run with Kyle from Arnie, wild futuristic action with an excellent storyline…

2 – Total Recall
Another Arnie movie! Total Recall is the 2nd best movie I have ever seen. Sharon Stone hates Mars, don’t blame her and the plot is so complex my mind bends just thinking about it but I love it, nothing is overly brilliant about it but it works and it is a movie I love to watch!

1 – Terminator 2
By this time Sarah is buff and that damn quack just keeps getting more frustrating you just want to punch his lights out! Edward Furlong is brilliant as John Connor and the soundtrack is so pumped it’s hard not to get into it. The special effects with the bad Terminator are just amazing and the psychiatric ward scenes are enough to pound your heart through your mouth, one of the best scenes in a movie is when the elevator opens and Sarah can’t get away fast enough, brilliant movie! Hasta la Vista baby!

Thought long and hard about those and that is MY TOP TEN Favourite Movies Of ALL TIME!!

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