Vanessa Barklay

Ravenshoe, Australia

Vanessa Barklay is RavenMadd, accomplished digital artist who has sold work on and off Red Bubble, lives in Far Nth Queensland, Australia...

Are You A Bug Hunter?

If you are then join me in an exciting new group just launched and hosted by myself and KimberlyNic for Bug Game Hunters. Called Bug Hunt – that is the idea, you have to have found the bug yourself, the skill of the hunt and the thrill of the chase is the objective! Butterfly Farms are beautiful but a butterfly photographed there is not a hunted butterfly….
If you have some great images of bugs you have found in your Gallery, join Bug Hunt and upload them so all those bug hunters out there can see them. My bugs have names in my garden, I hunt them every day to see if they are still there….and usually they are!
Here is my work ‘A Day In The Life of Big Lady’ which was Featured in THE SISTERHOOD.

Join Big Lady and myself at Bug Hunt and see some bugs your eyes will not believe!
Well, there is not much there right now but give it some time……


Thanks, Vanessa :o)

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