Opportunity for Melbourne Artists in Germany 2009!


As many of you know, I will be travelling to Europe later this year, based in Pairs I will be living and working on my art, my poetry and my documentary.
I will also be exhibiting in Paris while there.

Well an “opportunity” has presented itself to me and I feel it is such a good opportunity that I cannot at least, “put it out there” for all you painters in Melbourne.

I have been given the opportunity to “hire a booth” at “ART FAIR 21” in Cologne Germany; which will be held in 2009 for the Thursday 29th October to Sunday 1st November 2009.
Gladbacher Wall 5
50670 Köln
What many of you don’t know, is that I have a company already set-up, which, when running, will be a “on-line” gallery/ marketing and distribution website.
My home/ office address is Collins Street Melbourne and my Gallery/ Studio is located there. All this has, somehow, made me “initially eligible to apply for booth application and consideration”.
Expo XXI is a very large four day artist event, with 10’s of thousands of collectors and buyers, and approx. 60 international galleries exhibiting the works of more than 300 artists. (it also has affiliated Art Expo’s in many other capital cities in Europe)
The exposure and potential is HUGE! But so is the cost to run a booth.
In order to “submit an application” I have to send the organizers €500 (non-refundable) in the next few months for a 30 msq booth.
I’m writing this as I would like to “take advantage” of the potential exposure for my own art, but, the entire cost for the booth will run in excess of €10,000 (which is about $25,000, but it does include shipping, insurance, handling to Germany and shipping back to Australia)
The upside of this is that as I’ll already be in Europe, I can run the booth myself for the 4 days, set-up and dismantle myself and ensure the artwork will be well represented.
I have worked out that I can “comfortably “show” approx 25 pieces of no more than 1m width each, with some hanging as sets of 2 or three.
I intend to show 4-5 of my own pieces. (if successful) and naturally, as there is no-one else selling the artwork, then, any sales WILL NOT have to pay up to 35% commission to a gallery.
(Although any sales may incur VAT – which is similar to our GST and runs @ 15% approx. which would be paid prior to any sales money distribution)
So I am looking for Melbourne artists only who would be interested in exhibiting with me. I am looking for 20 pieces to add to my 4-5.
I have worked out that the cost per piece would be $1000.00 (AUD) and would be to looking to mark each item at €500-1000 approx ($1100-2300 AUD approx.), thereby giving the artists a chance of making some money.
Regardless of possible sales, the truth is, 30 galleries across the world would be exposed to your work(s) as well as a CV for each artist represented, 1000’s of people who normally would never see your work, would be exposed to it and it would not look all that bad on a resume either!
Even if I got 20 pieces to represent, I still do not know if we would be successful in our application, however, I am willing to risk $1100 an the non-refundable application fee just for the chance for exposure, I guess its now up to all my friends on RedBubble to let me know if thy would be interested.
At this stage, I DO NOT WANT ANY MONEY; just interest and a firm commitment, I’ll make the application and take it form there.
And one last thing, as I am a painter, I think, to make the Booth look “UNIFORM” it would be easier if those exhibiting with me were also painters; genre not important – I intend to “sell” the Booth as an “eclectic collection of Melbourne Artists”
So, that’s the story folks, anyone GENUINELY interested, please message me here or email me at expressions_in_mind@live.com.au

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