Eyelash Theory

Savannah: “Hey mom? How many eyelashes do you think are inside your head when you die?”

Me: “How many what…?”

Savannah: “Well.. I had an eyelash stuck in my eye and I was trying to get it out and it disappeared. Soooo I figure it went inside my head…”

Savannah:(Clutching head with both hands) " Oh No!!! I have eyelashes lodged in my brain!!!

Me:( gasping for breath as I wipe the tears away and laugh myself silly) “I don’t think it works that way honey.”

Me: “So I wonder if you have an infinite supply of eyelashes…”

Savannah: “What does that mean?”

Me: “Well, When they fall out, do they grow back? Or Do you have a certian number from birth?”

Savannah: " If they go into your head, they come right back out as new lashes!"

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