Musing-What makes an image draw in lots of views?

Have people given any thought to what makes an image popular on here-ie what will be viewed a lot as compared to what won’t?

I’ve been thinking about this, as I;’ve noticed that some images seem to get a lot of attention where others often quite similar draw much less.

For example, if I think of two of my paintings- Midland Compound:

and Cathedrals at Sonning:

they are both fairly similar subject matter, and use very similar techniques and media. They were also uploaded within a couple of days at each other. despite this, Midland Compound has received twice as many views as Cathedrals …just to illustrate one example.

Let me hasten to add this isn’t a complaint! I’ve been amazed and very pleased with the response to everything I’ve uploaded here-I was simply musing on what appeals to people.

From what I’ve observed some of the attributes that bring in lots of viewers include:
- Lots of bright colour, especially…
- A large amount of red in an image
- To my surprise, large amounts of green seem to have the opposite effect
- An image involving curves of a female variety seems to draw a lot of views.

Combining all of the above can be interesting-my image GhostGirl, featuring said curves in abundance and lots of red accounts for over 10% of my total views!

The point of all this is simply a question-what do other people find draws in the ‘audience’- what attributes of our images make them immediately eye-catching, when viewed from a thumbnail? I was just curious to see what others had observed…

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