Crazy neighbor

Has anyone lived near or next to a crazy neighbor? I don’t mean it in a nice way either. In the six year in owning a home I thought living next to druggies was bad enough but try living next to a wacked out neighbor. Someone that is so delusional that she thinks that her shit does not stink. Most people on the Fourth of July cookout, visit family/friends and have a grande old time. Well my fourth was a bit wet but turned out good at the end. We had a cookout and played some games with the children.

Knowing that we were going to set the fireworks off in front of our house we moved our truck in our drive way and our wacky neighbor had her truck parked in visitors parking space, far enough away from were the activities were going to take place. As a curtsey I planned to ask her to move it an hour before our festivities. During the time I was playing with the children and saw her leave not knowing that she would not be back until later in the night. So we continued as planned well away from her vehicle.

The next morning I went outside with the kid, they played and I started cleaning the mess we made the night before. Crazy neighbor apparently moved her truck into her driveway the night she came back. That morning as I was cleaning the streets she came out of her house and opened her truck door. Stepping onto the passenger side of her vehicle to look at the roof of it, she then started asking me questions. I, minding my business for the most part was quite confused in the questioning. She asked me if I was shooting off fireworks, I told her yes. Then she proceeded to ask me were and I said in front of my home. Well you would think that the mess in front of my driveway would answer that question.

Then she proceeded to say that I damaged her car because she has a crack on the roof of her vehicle. I told her that fireworks would not have put a crack on the roof of her car that it may just be dirt, which would wash off. But she continued accusing me of damaging her vehicle that I supposedly done and that she had witnesses. She then closed the door of her vehicle and proceeded into her home.

In the afternoon I came out to check the mail and go to another neighbor to see if she would like to go hiking with me. While she went to put walking shoes on and get her camera I waited and was having a conversation with her husband. Well crazy neighbor came out of her home talking on the phone to an individual and started mocking me, calling me white trash, I do not have a life and I am now being nosey. Because I am talking to another neighbor I am know being nosy. Her and I proceeded to exchange words. Then the neighbor I was talking to their daughter came out and just happened to look at crazy neighbors’ way. Crazy neighbor yelled at her “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!” That pissed me off and yelled back “IT’S AMERICA STUPID BITCH WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOOK WHERE WE PLEASE.” Ramera loca neighbor then went into her house.

Talk about way to ruin someone’s Fourth of July weekend but then it was not ruined for long because Sunday I went fishing and enjoyed the weather.

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