Yep, I am still alive...

After getting qualified as an Event Organizer in Italy for the world… I am.

Thus even IF I’d allowed myself to work doing it… BUT working for whom? Perhaps to get into it for myself???

Alas, I am still computer illiterate… may my Kittycat get more out of it through her ART plus Computer Training… but until then… I shall also find more about my health…

no point on taking more about it either… OR maybe I should… to get this important message out to the entire world to know more about what it is…

Please go to my Face Book, I’ll show you more…thus perhaps we really could create a HUGE event for those that are looking for more help to working on “non-profit” events around the world. All of you out there with your ART and WRITING would really help out as well.



Oh wow.

I’ve actually managed to enter myself onto my list of preferences.

Am I telling myself something?

Or am I enjoying the fine tuning of my choices and pains on how to effectiively pay later for my procrastination on getting things done on time?

This type of blither blatter talk all all sounds rather something that is S & Mish to me, besides my neck is hurting. This seat I sit in is horrid too.

Laugh about this and have a good day.

Discoveries also happen in moments of grim

I wanted to find out how to enter into Red Bubbles Contest, but then get lost here looking at too many things….

I wonder about how to get into this stuff <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" width="150" height="150" flashvars="file=" />

BUT don’t have the foggiest idea on what or how all these things got here.

Today anything can happen but tomorrow it could also happen too. Time reminds me to get my butt off this chair before I clearly regret things in life all the more.

I am still alive...

I really don’t know what I am doing here as the lone rarespecie of weed in this magical world of beautiful talented “red bubbles” that I look upon and wish, to one day be but a breath of their talents… oh hush, hush… i want to get some of my little girls magical paintings on here.…

One of them, I told here this morning as we went in the car with a horrid rainstorm and me protecting her HUGE CARDBOARD PORFOLIO that risked getting ruined…

She asked me to “entertain me mom” and that I did by asking her to talk about this wonderful painting she did and told her about the poem I thought to put to it.

Then we got into a discussion of the many faces an untrained eye would miss and low and behold, I saw the Dog and the Cat on the blanket, and she even saw glimpses of Ted, the dead fish in my Poem.


At the present time of my life, I am busy, and intensely living on too many edges of states of internal discomfort.

Wow. Now that was well put. I can amaze or rather “amuse” myself pn what comes onto the page from my mind.

I have a very active mind, rather a kalaidascope of images that all come from the various states from other myrids of thoughts.

Daily Exercies in Breathing Life into Creative Pursuit.

Today, I re-read with more energetice breath to my usual “IN-Spiration, OUT-Inpiratation” huffs and puffs, then read LisaDee’s comment, and had more “energy” to sizzle my eyeballs to re-read and comment in my dear friend’ “inspirational comment” with the subtle, tantalizing bite pulling on “need to comment” upon what was written to me… “funny how some people get to swim downstream while others gotta swim up like siamese fighting fish” and I opened up… and swam on… breathing… on I went… breathing… in puffs and huffs… looking at the clock and refraining from it to get into other issues, like washing clothes, or daring to iron them… off i went into this “IN-Spiration, OUT-Inpiratation” to get into a “huff puff” mood… AND GO GOSH…
Here I am… Oh lordy i but it feels akin to them “siamese figh…

Today, I began a new way of living...and doing, going, and doing...

Perhaps by finding this group, or perhaps I’ve become tired of the same way of living. I needed to reinvent my life style, thinking and ways, of not moving quicker than waking up an realizing, I’m always going to bed again… but that’s okay, cause I’m a “closet insomniac” running on bed around the same time, then up in a state of restless arouse around 4:30 am… and lost in thought on what to do, what to do, then onto editing my self and writings… but, if I manage to bore myself back to sleep… I risk getting a better sleep than before… so live to a jolly jingle of “back to bed again” BUt now I’m off… there’s loads to do today, but I’m here, so once again, it’s too hot and sunny outside for Autumn weather while I began a new way of getting my buttt out of the house quick while thinking… of…

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