I am still alive...

I really don’t know what I am doing here as the lone rarespecie of weed in this magical world of beautiful talented “red bubbles” that I look upon and wish, to one day be but a breath of their talents… oh hush, hush… i want to get some of my little girls magical paintings on here.

One of them, I told here this morning as we went in the car with a horrid rainstorm and me protecting her HUGE CARDBOARD PORFOLIO that risked getting ruined…

She asked me to “entertain me mom” and that I did by asking her to talk about this wonderful painting she did and told her about the poem I thought to put to it.

Then we got into a discussion of the many faces an untrained eye would miss and low and behold, I saw the Dog and the Cat on the blanket, and she even saw glimpses of Ted, the dead fish in my Poem.

We’ve conpromised on adding the touches of silver ink in the right places, but first, I need to try it out on various photocopies to adjust the colours.

At at age of 8 I shall introduce you to our community, because I wish this girl to have a fine school with people like all of you out there.

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