Hi Everybody – just thought I would let you know I am still about. Not been doing a lot of photography for the last couple of years due to ill health. Still not out of the woods and going to be a long haul. Chemotherapy next I think after seeing my oncologist mid February. Postponed taking the part two of my driving test to become a driving instructor but will pick it up again after February.

Regards to everybody and hope you are all well.



does anyone know if you can mark up your artwork pricing in bulk or do you have to do each one individually

Look forward to your responses


Hi Guys

Hi Guys just thought I would let you know that I am still around.

not been on for a while now. Busy life, fighting cancer, training to be a driving instructor and looking forward to quitting my job after 24 years.

how is everybody else doing? Hope you are all well

anyway off to bed now to catch up on my beauty sleep and I do need it …. lol

keep smiling

take care


Ranger - My Old Friend

For everyone who knew my Border Collie – Ranger, it is with sad news that I have to say that Ranger was put to sleep on Tuesday 12th February 2012.

Ranger was nearly 14 years old and had stopped eating and drinking, so the choice was made and it showed in his eyes that the time had come to say goodbye to my old friend.

He is sadly missed by all the family and the our other wee dog “Bailey”, she does not seem to understand why he is not there in the house or on our walks no more

Ranger has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and is now whole again and will not have to suffer. He will just wait with all the other pets that have gone before him until one day we will meet again

RIP Ranger
my best friend

I am a Border Collie

As a Border Collie I have been evolved over hundreds of years by man through careful breeding and selection of certain traits and characteristics required to enable me as a sheep-dog to carry out my daily duties

My breed the Border Collie has now become the worlds most sought after and respected working dog

Always remember that the Border Collie has been bred first and foremost as a worker and not as a pet

If you as a human being can understand my special traits, characteristics and abilities which are inbred into me as a Border Collie

if you treat me with Kindness, compassion, fairness and dignity and handle my breed with confidence then and only then will it be my privilege to call you my


Chris Clark 2005

What am I?

I am a breed of dog which:…

Has evolved over hundreds of years to become what I am

Is very intelligent and can think for myself

Is full of vitality and stamina and I can cover a distance of 60-100 miles per day in pursuit of my duties

Has been bred to have outstanding qualities and strong herding instinct

Lives to work

Has been bred with an inner sensitivity

Can work 2-3 miles away from my master without command using only my initiative

If not given a task to do could become a problem through boredom and frustration

Can anticipate movement of livestock before my master

Can react like a flash of lightning in an instant

The Queens Physician Dr John Caeus referred to my type of dog when he wrote “treatise to an englishe doggess” in 1570 where he describes my work as answering his master voice

Kindred Spirits

Dogs truly are some of nature’s finest jewels, dazzling us in so many ways.

They understand us so well, encouraging us to carry on when things look bleak then they share our happiness with an enthusiasm and love second to none when the sun shines once again in our lives.

We none of us know just how long we are destined to stay on the earth, but if that time is spent with those whom we love faithfully and who in return love us as family, then surely our lives have been blessed.

Always remember your precious dog with love, knowing that kindred spirits will in the fullness of time, be reunited.


Good News

Had my 3 monthly review at the hospital today since my Radiotherapy ended in January

all going well and only a 25% chance of the cancer returning within the next 2-5 years. After the 5 year point it becomes 50/50 up to the 12 year point. So good news at last.

Doctor says to do gentle exercise so the wife has me landscaping the front garden while on holiday ….. lol

just thought I would let you all know how I was doing as not been on RB for a wee while. The hormone treatment seems to have taken away my interest in photography but hopfully it will return soon.

Thanks to everyone for your support through what has been a very tense 18 months of my life and from the bottom of my heart you are all very appreciated

Take Care


Hello Everybody, just to let you know I am still around.

Hi everybody, not been on the bubble much lately. Just thought I would update you on my cancer treatment. Now finished my Radiotherapy and waiting on my first review in April to see how my treatment has progressed.…

Feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment. For those of you who were not aware, up until yesterday I was one of these disabled workers who chose to carry on at work and I was not entitled to any paid time off to attend hospital appointment etc., Well I did a lot of research and contact various Members of Parliament and the Equality & Human Rights Commission. Result, my boss has now caved in and agreed to settle before going to an employment tribunal. I am now allowed to have time off for hospital appointments and treatments on full pay and I am to be compensated f

Yahooooooooooooo - Two Framed Prints Sold

thank you to the kind purchasers who have purchased 2 of my prints fully framed tonight. You are very much appreciated and make everything worthwhile. Thank you.

This means so much to me as both of these images are from when I first started out in Photography and the Forth Bridge happens to be a best seller both privately and commercially

Thanks from the bottom of my heart

Kind Regards


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