The Tiberian Chronicles(Two Chapters)

The Spark, The Chill, and the Escape.

“Greetings traveler,” said the Innkeeper. He was a somewhat scruffy Blanche, wearing a white apron over a white undershirt, with stains and spills on the apron. Now if you are wondering what Blanches are. Blanches are humanoid bears. They generally stand between Seven to Ten feet tall and have varying colors in their coat dependent upon where they live and age. But this innkeeper, he stood about eight feet seven inches, he still held a very tough air about him. “What brings you to Narrows at a time like this?”

“Honestly, I do not know anymore,” replied Lathen. A feminine human. Reaching five feet eight inches, with eyes that shone as brilliant as the stars within the heavens, Lathen sighed heavily as he took a seat, and replied “I’ll have a mug of Van-Horsten Ale…and, my story,” he said very cautiously. “Begins over five years ago in the small village of Goldale .”

“Really?!?” blurted the Innkeeper. Shocked in disbelief he responded, “Never thought I would meet someone from that godforsaken place…Y’know what happened there about four years ago right?”

After a very long silence Lathen responded, “I AM what happened.” After that statement he guzzled his drink, tossed a gold coin on the table, and rushed out of the Inn.

Running at a speed near a gallop, Lathen’s memories began to flood his brain as he thought about what happened that dreadful day.

It was a warm summer day; rain was falling on the lovely acres of Herodan. Children were laughing and playing, but in Goldale all but peace existed. Women and children were running and screaming as the men tried to fend off the attacker. Lathen, at the time was only nineteen years old, and was almost home from a short journey to Midera. As he was walking down the road, a chill went up his spine and he broke into a full forced run.

Arriving at his village, he beheld the sight of burning buildings, broken earth, and tattered corpses. He also beheld the sight of his last connection to this world, his mother, being sliced in half by a claw from what appeared to be a rabid grizzly bear. Its fangs and claws resembled a wyvern. It stood at almost ten feet tall. It’s body was covered in dark blue and purple scales that refracted from Dark Blue to Dark purple at each joint. Still staring, Lathen noticed fire spewing from the creature’s mouth, so hot that even the downpour turned to steam as it touched it. Noticing its eyes he felt nothing but hatred as they burned with an elegant flame, the color of true darkness. Anger began to rise within Lathen’s heart; he no longer had fear only a vast rage.

As Lathen drew his sword he noticed it was frozen solid, then he noticed that his sword was still within it’s sheath. He had not taken it from it, but had merely conjured one through some sort of magick. Now charging the creature he noticed it cower with a slight inflection of fear, but he did not stop to question why. With one strike its head toppled onto the ground and bounced away. He took one more strike of rage and cut the already falling body into shreds.

Glancing at his “weapon” he realized his hand no longer resembled a human figure anymore, but it appeared as a river that had frozen solid during the winter. He was covered in a shell of ice. Suddenly, he remembered why he was so angry. He began to scream and fell to his knees. Teeth chattering, and frozen tears falling off of his face he started looking around him and noticed that everything was covered with snow. Through some divine or devilish spell the entire village had been forever changed.

Flustered Lathen ran to the Warg stable and leaped onto his dearest friend Shadius, a warg. Shadius looked something like an overgrown wolf. He had a thick coat of brown fur, and eyes that even when calm emitted an eerie anger that could strike fear into even a wyrm. His eyes were a bright blue almost the color moonlight refracting off of water. He stood around the size of a Clydesdale but was as gentle as a child. He had large fangs and claws, which instilled fear. As he mounted Shadius he heard a deep voice ask ‘What’s going on?’

For the first time ever Lathen responded “The village was attacked I need to see if the other villages are alright.” Both shocked, they ignored it, and bolted to the other villages.

At each village it was the same situation, all of the villagers were killed with similar wounds, and the village was near incinerated just as Goldale was. All of the villages and towns within the region of Herodan – Goldale, Chesnook, Ashlin, Haybury, Southdale, Westale, and Eastvale – were also struck with what seemed to be a new winter. A permanent climate change had befallen this land.

Lathen looked down at Shadius. He noticed that ice was molding where he was sitting and that it was forming a saddle on his back. Launching off of his back he started breaking the ice off of his back, and started to calm down shifting back to his human like form. Now staring into the eyes of his beloved friend he questioned "Are yo….are you alright?A…and…Do you have any idea how we can talk to each other now?!?”

Befuddled and shivering Shadius responded “H..ho…how the h..hell sh…shou…should I know!"

_"Well whatever just occurred here…I do not think we should stick around for the aftermath. I just know we need to figure out how I became that form. It makes no logical sense at all," said Lathen. _

Shadius retorted. “Well, if I recall correctly when I was still a pup, your mother commonly spoke of your father being a little different. They had known each other from a very young age. She mentioned around the age of eighteen or nineteen that a sudden change came about him. It seemed as though he could appear out of no where, and if he lost his temper, or control of emotion everything around him would change a bit. She also mentioned that after a year or so he seemed to act as though he could actually communicate with animals! That was about the time you were born, and he left, on his so called journey but never returned.”

Lathen looked a bit puzzled. Then his expression changed abruptly. Everything connected for him it appeared as though electricity just struck his brain, “We need to try and track down my father! I know he has been missing for over fifteen years. But he left back when the previous climatic shift occurred, and if we find him he may have the answers I am now looking for!”

With a look of resolution in their eyes Shadius and Lathen began the journey which led them to that very Inn in Narrows.

Awakening from that dreamlike state and beginning to pick his pace up even more. Lathen heard the Innkeeper scream, “The Devil has fallen upon Narrows ! The Devil has awakened and has arrived in Narrows !”

“Oh man! Shadius is going to be pissed!” mumbled Lathen.

Almost immediately Lathen heard screams and voices yelling and then noticed arrows whizzing passed his head, torches being lit, and the sound of swords leaving their sheaths. “Catch him! Do not let him get away!”

Crraaccck! An arrow struck through Lathen’s chain mail and hit his back, within seconds he began to transform, but this time into something more fiendish. His body was abruptly enveloped with flames and his arms were covered in flames that appeared as feathers. Moving at a breakneck pace now he started to fly into the distance, but suddenly out of the forest flew an black bubble that hit his left arm and sent him crashing to the ground. While falling to the ground he tapped a cryptic rune on his left arm, and Shadius immediately appeared from the clearing and scooped him off the ground.

“Lathen! What’d you do this time?!” growled Shadius.

“He mentioned Goldale, so I told him I was ‘the event’. Sorry.” said Lathen, almost whimpering.

“Eh, it’s alright, they can’t keep up with me anyway!” Traversing the land like he was a tribal hunter from this region, Shadius fled into the forest and found the escape to be very simple. Upon entering the forest Shadius began to move slowly as if he was prowling after a small doe.

“A cave!” whispered Lathen, as he pointed awkwardly to the west.

“Ah, I see it. Thank you friend.” responded Shadius.

Upon entering the cave Lathen spat a fire in the center, and began to work on the arrow in his back. As he was oulling it out he fell off of Shadius’ back and hit the floor. “Ooh!” He winced as the arrow popped out of his back and slid accross the caverns floor. “Shadius could you go out and hunt some dinner for us?” beckoned Lathen.

Exhaling heavily and in large interval Shadius responded “Fine, fine. This is only because you’re hurt though.” Lathen tore off the ripped coat and began covering the wound on his back. He then pulled his journel out of the small sack on his leg and began to write down the evenings events.

“I remember upon entering the town hearing of a strange man walking through the town about the age of forty. He seemed to have a strange air about him, and wore an over coat as black as night, with a dark blue cape on his back. He had long silver hair, and eyes that seemed to have a phoenix living within them. He was wearing a crimson bandanna that had an eagle’s eye stitched into it. The black coat had red strands of thread and cloth hovering down the sides, The cape seemed to be the most important aspect though, because it was said to resemble a bears fur, but was a dark blue with red orbs, which resembled eyes, where it connected to the nape of his neck. It appears we may be on the right trail for once; the clothing sounds much like my father. I only wish we could return to Narrows for information about his body build.

Well, now onto the events. Tonight I visited the town of Narrows . It was a rather ghastly place with many residents but nothing seemed alive. The Inn I went to had an frozen tone about it, almost captivating, as if it actually beckoned me to go there. So I went. Once inside I ordered a drink, and was reminded of what happened to my home. Damn my tongue. Shortly afetr I was reminded I remarked that I was what happened, and I was forced to flee with my tail between my legs. Now I am in a cave to the West, attempting to recover and waiting for Shadius to return with food.”

Right as Lathen finished that sentiment Shadius came in dragging a large buck. “Alright, you can have a leg.” said Shadius as he tore it from the caucus and tossed it in his direction.

“Thank you, I would have died tonight without your help.” said Lathen.

“Yea, but at least you’re alive it gives me something to keep busy.” After finishing the deer and joking for quite some time both Lathen and Shadius nodded to sleep, for tomorrow brought another long journey.

The next morning seemed to go by much faster than the night at Narrows , most likely because they were traveling to the city Priten. It began with Shadius and Lathen awaking and packing Lathen’s things. As they began the journey they encountered a few rabid Nomtuks, swine like creatures with very large tusks, but they quickly avoided them as to not start another chaotic day. From the Nomtuks they journeyed farther out of the trees and found the Siteron River , which Shadius crossed with nearly one stride. Continuing farther in, they stumbled upon a small village. This village was full of Wyclidans, humanoids resembling wyverns. They usually stand about seven feet tall, and have a very coarse and scaled skin. “Wait here Shadius; I am going to find out if they are hostile or if we might find some information from them.”

“Alright, but do not get into another escape situation, that’s the third one in two days!” growled Shadius.

“I know, I know!” said Lathen. Approaching the village he noticed a Wyclidan whose wingspan was at least fifteen feet across, he stood at least nine feet off the ground’ comparable to Lathen that’s rather tall; he had horns protruding out of his spinal column and had two large tusks near his mouth, his body was the color of an evergreen, and you could see black smoke spewing from his nostrils with every breath. Each step Lathen took closer the Wyclidan, it looked more and more intimidating. Across his chest was a large wound that resembled a scar from being hit with a cannon ball. His tail appeared to be growing back from being lopped off, and the right side of his face looked as those it was thrown into lava. The final fear this Wyclidan put into Lathen was what he was chewing on while Lathen approached. In his hand was the leg of a Slosek being eaten as though it was from a small Screshle. This was surely the leader of this village.

Now coming into the open, he approached the village very slowly as to not appear hostile him self, but was quickly encountered by that same large Wyclidan.


Watch your tongue mortal!” said the large Wyclidan with a dark tone.

“I just wanted to say-"

" I said watch it, what business do you have here?” interrupting Lathen again.

“I am looking for my father” said Lathen in a very quiet voice.

“We have only seen one other human the passed few days, but he is very accepted here, and it seems so far you are not.” said the Wyclidan this time holding a single claw into the air and moving his wingspan as to intimidate Lathen.

“May I ask, did he have long silver hair and wear the colors of the ocean, blood, and night?” retorted Lathen, this time with more confidence.

“He might have, it depends on the business with which you hold of him!” roared the Wyclidan, only becoming more and more raged as time passed.

“I believe he may be my father.” said Lathen.

“Well if you’re looking for him, he is headed for Priten, and I would suggest you and your warg get out of our region as fast as you can!”

Taking that Wyclidans advice, Lathen immediately ran to Shadius and hopped on his back “Let’s go!” Shadius knew something was awry so he rushed out of their forest as fast as he could go.

“So what news did they have? Did Rothgrier pass through there?” questioned Shadius.

“Yes, he did, I guess he is headed to Priten as we are, tomorrow we must rush there, and, hope that my father has not sensed us following him. Otherwise he will set up many traps and trials for us.

That night they set up a camp next to the Volcerion Mountains . As they started fading into what seemed an endless sleep they began to dream of the journey to come. Little did they know that after even five years, finding the truth about Lathen’s ability had just only begun.

Trials of Flesh and Bone

.-Crunch.- The frozen ground cracked as Lathen walked around. “Wh….What….N…not again!” Lathen screamed in terror. Glancing around the area he saw frozen beings that looked like statues with looks of terror. They had been running from him. Again it had occurred, that strange phenomenon he was once again covered in an icy shell.

But something was wrong. It was not provoked by anger, he did not control it this time. Then it struck Lathen, this was a trial. This wasn’t real it was an illusion. His father knew his greatest fear was losing control of this power, so he pinned an illusion against him. Calming down reality came back into view. Shadius was resting under the same pine tree he had fallen asleep under. And Lathen’s things were still around him, but the region was covered in snow. It appeared that during his slumber a blizzard had come and gone.

“Hey, you alright over there?” asked Shadius.

Yea, I’m fine. He knows we’re following him though. I would not doubt if he is already at Priten. I do not think setting traps would slow him. This weather though….I think he went a bit extreme this time. It’s a little too noticeable of a climate change, the sky was too clear last night for this much snow."

“What else would you expect from Rothgrier? He might still think we want to kill him after your initial meeting…Why did you do that again?”

“Hey! I had good reason, after how that bastard left and did not explain anything to me, not a letter. No secret passage explaining the power of becoming a Seer. He’s just lucky I missed. That’s all I have to say.”

The journey had begun only four months ago. Lathen and Shadius were quick on the trail though. From the time Lathen was thirteen he had been training to join the secret Order of the Howl. He was a talented swordsman, a skilled archer, but most of all he could track a squirrel from over five miles away.

So finding another like himself seemed a very easy task. He even gained a valuable tool in tracking. He could now communicate with animals. While journeying they had found out a lot from animals. One of their reoccurring companions was an Eagle with feathers of Crimson and Amber who went by the name of Lament. He was a very wise creature and seemed to have the presence of a deity.

Now Lament helped them by guiding them to a lost temple within Herodan. This temple contained many books about what Lathen was, from Myth to truth. But the key source of Lament’s help was when he gave Lathen and Shadius the tip to go to the Region of Mysrael. He had said “Within this region, the one of which you seek may reside.”

So Lathen and Shadius took his advice, and off they went. It was not an easy journey. From Herodan they went East to the region of Plefore. Now Plefore is a Forest Region to which the Kresheks, Risekodans, and Fotlynens are native to. Kreshek are half human half Horse and Deer humanoids. They have four legs and their torso is human. Risekodans are humanoid sheep. They at first appear to be sheep who can stand on their hind feet. But are actually humanoids. Fotlynens are humanoid lizards and come in a variety of appearances. They are generally born with tails but some of their more conforming brethren have their tails removed at birth.

After entering Plefore they journeyed south through the region. As they journeyed south the climate slowly transcended into a Tropic. Finally the climate was completely Tropical and this showed they had entered the home of Misacks, Zeritas, and some Kidans. They had entered Zot. Now Misacks are plain and simple intelligent Primates ranging from Chimpanzees to Gorillas. Zeritas are similar to humans but are almost always lanky and very tall. They range in height from Eight to Thirteen feet in the Males to Seven to Ten feet in the females. Kidans are native all over the world of Tiberia. They are humanoid birds. The variants of Kidans localized in Zot look similar to Tucans, Macaws, and other Tropical birds. The only strange Kidans in this region resemble Vultures.

While traveling through the Tropics of Zot, Lathen and Shadius began to head East again. As they head East the region quickly changed into a desert with Oasis in varied locations. They had finally found it the barren wasteland of Mysrael.

Now, during their journey they could tell that someone was always watching them. They were not sure who it was, but they tried to act as if they did not notice. But once they hit Mysrael it became very obvious. The creature could no longer hide. It was not of a human, they thought that it might be a Cydecan. Cydecans are humanoid Felines. They can either walk on their hind legs whilst standing upright or their can prowl on all fours.

The reason they thought that it might a Cydecan because it was not a beast of burden but it was able to keep up with Shadius’ speed. Which was very unheard of. In the desert they could see for a fact that they were correct in this assumption.

“Okay Shadius, today is the day. We are going to wait for that creature to catch up with us. And of course there is no point in hiding it would be able to stalk us much easier than we could stalk it.” Said Lathen.

“I don’t like the idea, but it is really all we can do. It is still about ten hours behind us. So if we wait in the morning it should be able to catch up with us.” Growled Shadius.

So the next day they waited. And about six hours after dawn the creature caught up with them. Lathen and Shadius tried to act calm as to not anger or scare the being. The Cydecan was much larger than they had ever heard of them being, and was striped like a Tiger. It had a very large mane and was as muscular as Shadius. The one thing that they hoped would not have to happen is a fight.

“I…” Pant “Finally…” Pant “Caught up with you.” said the being in a very deep voice.

“Catch your breath, we are not rushed.” said Shadius in a harsh tone.

“Thank you.” After about a minute of the feline panting it caught it’s breath. “Now, where was I? Ah yes! Lathen I presume?” It extended it’s hand out as to show it meant no evil.

“Greetings….May i ask as to how you know my name, and why you seek me?” said Lathen very cautiously as he shook it’s hand.

“Oh yes! How rude of me. Firstly. Greetings my name is Ritega. As you can tell I am a Cydecan. I started following you in Plefore. I heard your questions about a man who sounded like Rothgrier. He is a very powerful Seer and I wanted you warn you of his friendly nature. If he cannot gain something from you he will simple kill you.” said the Cydecan with a tone of fear, that chilled Lathen and Shadius to the bone.

“I am seeking a human who is said to be a Seer. This is true. But why do you speak of him with such fear? You are not exactly the small type. I would think you would be confident when facing a meer mortal as my self. If Rothgrier is the Seer I am chasing he is my father. I do not think he would mercilessly kill his own son.” said Lathen in a mocking tone.

“Oh! Your his boy now? Well then you just may live. And as to my fear I have only seen him once….And his heartless maner is what struck fear into my core. You will see when you meet him. You will understand why I fear him. If you are seeking him you are going in the right direction. His home should only be another days travel. Good luck with your travels young human, but I fear your journey has not even begun.” said Ritega. While he was talking Ritega began to walk back from which the way he came.

“Wait! Can’t you tell me anything else?” Screamed Lathen. Ritega then burst into a full forced run.

“GOOD LUCK YOUNG HUMAN!” Yelled Ritega as he faded into the distance.

“Well…That was strange.” said Lathen calmly.

“Hopefully that’s the last we see of that strange feline.” growled Shadius.

“Let’s rest for the night. Then we can continue on at Dawn.” said Lathen. And so they rested. That night they sleep calmly and prepared themselves for the day ahead.

The next day began quickly, and in a rather strange manner. They had fallen asleep in a desert but awoke in a Luscious Forest full of life, and budding with many creatures. They were somewhat confused by this, but assumed it was merely a trick of Rothgrier’s, so they continued on.

Ritega was correct when he said it was about a days journey, because while journeying through the new forest they came across the desert again right as the sun began to set. In the distance they could see a shack, it did not look like much but they guessed that was also an illusion. They set up camp for the night and took turns watching for any peculiar activity from the dwelling.

The next morning the went straight towards the shack. As they approached what initially appeared to be a shack grew larger and larger. By the time they were at it’s entrance it’s true glory shone. Before them was a castle. This was no normal castle. The owner of it must have been very wealthy for it’s stones were a bright blue color, almost the same as mithril. The doors were a very fine wood, and were laden with intricate designs of a Dragon fighting with a Devil. They design was inlaid with a Amber colored metal and shone brilliantly in the sun. A little intimidated by the building Lathen still knocked.

.-Knock- Knock But no response came. Pound Punch Kick But still no response. “Rothgrier!” Lathen screamed and the door opened very slowly.

“Oh…I don’t like this one bit Lathen” mumbled Shadius.

“We’re going in damn it. After that I really have to know who this Rothgrier fellow is. Whether he is my father or not.”

Walking through the large glorious doors they entered into the main hall. The floor was a ceramic stone of chilled lava. And with a closer look it was once lava! The floors were obsidian. The walls were decorated with many stuffed creatures, and weapons which were obviously forged by great blacksmiths. At the end of this main hall was a mithril throne and in it sat a man very similar to Lathen. It was him. His father.

This man was about five feet nine inches in height. He had a very soft face, but his eyes shone with a cold that could freeze the even the toughest Wyclidan to the core. And we all know how tough those wyrms are. He wore very lavish clothes. The cloth was evergreen and the designs were crimson. His cloak was a very dark black with a Dragon sewn into it. The Dragons body was red, and it’s eyes were Evergreen. It laid next to him on the arm of his throne.

“You spoke…Hmm better you yelled my name? You fool-hearted child.” said the man in a very cold tone.

“If your name is Rothgrier, then yes I did.” retorted Lathen.

“Well of course it is you nit wit. What in the gods do you want? Can’t you see that I am busy?” said the man as he flipped pages in a large Dark Blue book embroided with Silver Binding.

“Well, as fate my have it. I believe you are my father. I came from Herodan seeking you to ask you about my powers. I turned eighteen about five months again, and I am guessing you have heard about what happened.” said Lathen coldly.

“Oh ho ho. So you, why yes. I can see it you are my boy. But what in the hell would you want with me? Are you stupid or something? Coming to me when your powers are still so weak.” said Rothgrier with Glee.

“I…I was hopping that you. Might be able to help me understand these powers I gained. I understand that I can communicate with animals, that’s half the damn reason I could find you. But ask to the magick, which is fabled in only legends. I still do not understand how to use that, and I want to be able to control it!” said Lathen at first feverishly, but gaining more confidence as he went.

“Aha! I see you want something from me. Knowledge of your powers, and how to control them. But what is it that I will gain from you? Can you give me anything except for your pointless thanks when all is said and done? How do I know that once you can control your powers you will not just do me in? For what purpose should I, the GREAT Rothgrier, help a mere child like you? A child who so foolishly is still bound to mortality.” said Rothgrier in a new and very serious tone.

“Uh..I…Erm..As you pointed out I have nothing to give you. But you cast these powers upon me! You did not stay as my father and raise me so that I would know what to do at the dawning of manhood! I want to know why the Hell, Wyclidans were in Herodan, and why they had to kill every villager there! I want to know why you did not at least leave me some sort of message, some script, some letter informing me of what to do when I turned eighteen and gained manhood.” screamed Lathen.

“You wanted a daddy?” Rothgrier cackled heavily at this. “Oh that’s hilarious. But seriously…You did not understand the message?” Said Rothgrier happily.

“Wh….what are you talking about?” cowered Lathen. He could tell now that Shadius was right in telling him not to go in there.

“The Wyclidans were my message. They were my gift to you on your eighteenth birthday. They are what awakened your powers. They are what drove you to becoming a Seer. But they were also a warning.” Rothgrier now stood up as he said this. Lathen began walking backwards slowly and grabbed the handle off his blade. “If you came and found me.” Rothgrier was now approaching him with a Decorated Blade out. “I would…” Lathen motioned for Shadius to run, and he listened…“END YOU!” Yelled Rothgrier. In that moment a miracle or something fiendish occurred. Right as Shadius hit the door Lathen transformed. “NOOOOOO” Yelled Rothgrier. Lathen was enveloped in flames. “H…how did you already attain that? Y…yo…you cannot have that already! It’s been too short of a time for you to have that power!” Lathen’s arms turned into wings and he flew at Rothgrier. The battle ensued.

Lathen was enveloped in Dark Purple Flames. He soared high in the main hall and then descended at Rothgrier. He spit purple flames at him in his frenzied state. As Rothgrier transformed into a Black Flamed beast he evaded all of Lathen’s spitfire. It was a battle of two Seers. Lathen swooped right at Rothgrier, but was matched heavily and thrown out the door. As he flew backwards out of the door he saw Rothgrier deform and start a new spell. Right as Lathen hit the ground outside the Castle disappeared.

“Lathen! Are you alright? What happened? Where did the castle go? How are you alive right now? You were an Eagle! A Purple Eagle who’s down was flame!” said Shadius in excitement and terror.

“I…Uh….Well the castle is gone. Right as my father hit me out he went back to his normal self and started a strange hand motion. Right as I hit the ground the castle disappeared. And we fought, I was there, but I could not control my body. I was in a frenzied state. I spit fire that melted obsidian! And….An Eagle? Really? Of all creatures for me to turn into….I turned into a god. I can NOT explain that at all.” Lathen said excitedly.

“We…Well, what do we do now?” asked Shadius

“I guess…..I guess we should go back to Herodan and look for Lament. He seemed very knowledgeable about Seers and about my father. He may even be able to answer why I turned into a burning version of a god. I hope he has some answer….”

“I hate that bastard for what he did. Sending Wyclidans on Herodan, to ‘help me gain power’ " said Lathen impersonating Rothgrier.

“Bu….Hmm…I also dislike him for what he did. I still cannot believe after almost five years of journeying we are about to encounter your father for the second time. But you need answers. You are gaining more control over your powers, but as you said…..What if you lose control again?” cowered Shadius.

“I know! That’s why we must catch up with him. It’s still before dawn. Once the sun begins to rise we shall start journeying again. I fear that if we travel in darkness we will never leave it. Rest your eyes for a while longer and then we shall go.”

Lathen then pulled his journal out his bag and began to write. So I passed another test….But this time it was different. That felt more like seeing the future than it did a false reality. I hope I am wrong, but I feel I may lose control of my powers soon again. All of this reminiscing is going to drive me crazy…

Lathen then fell back asleep and waited for morning to come.

The Tiberian Chronicles(Two Chapters)

Randall Gruber

Council Bluffs, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This is the first two chapters of something I am working on in my free time. I am sure there are typos and such, but please take a look at it _.

Note: The Periods preceding the Grayed out texts such as Crunch or Knock Were put in place so that the text would be grayed out as to show a sound.

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