Hey redbubblers, check this out

My girlfriend, Michele, wrote this. We would like to know what you all think. Should she keep writin?. Here goes:


Is it so much to ask that a woman my age(44) want
that everlasting magical fairytale.
You know the one!
Where the knight in shining armour comes to rescue
the damsel in distress.
Where they live in a small little neat, tidy house.
Where they laugh and love.
Being held every night.
Feeling safe and secure.
Feeling needed and needing to belong.
You know the one!
Where loves grows and grows.
Is it too much to ask?
I guess so.
Im still searching for that fairytale.
Does it exist?
Is there a love like that?
Does anyone know?
Maybe, just maybe it does.
If only in my mind alone.

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