There was a documentary on SBS the other day called “Tank Man,” which was about the dude who stood in front of the tank during the … events… in Tianenmen (??) Square. It’s clearly become some of the iconic footage of the 90s. Other icons I can think of from the 90s include Mikhail Gorbachev, the night-vision shots of Baghdad with bombs falling on it from the first Gulf War (not that we called it that then, of course…), and Keating in his funeral-director suits. Oh, and Joan Kirner and the polka-dot dress.

From this decade, naturally, the 9/11 events dominate.

So, I wonder what the iconic images of this decade and the next will be? Abu Ghraib will probably be there, maybe something from Lebanon and/or Israel. What I hope is that something from the Live 8 concert, or a peaceful rally – basically something positive – will be part of the line-up. Am I being too optimistic? Not normally a problem I have, to be honest.

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