I am:

  1. A teacher of history and a bit of English
  2. A grammar nazi, apparently
  3. Intending to read as much as I possibly can in my lifetime
  4. Married to James
  5. A Christian
  6. A poor, but snap-happy, photographer
  7. Inherently non-creative
  8. Spatially inept
  9. Happiest when it’s sunny
  10. A bad fish-keeper
  11. In to scifi books and movies
  12. A movie buff
  13. Personally non-musical, but love music
  14. A happy cook
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Fourth / Pictures from the Sydney Olympics, of people who didn’t win. / I’ve never heard of this project before. I don’t actually like most of the pictures, purely on an aesthetic level – it’s not my thing – but the concept is a fascinating one. I’m not sure whether all of the people actually did come fourth, but obviously they’re people who didn…
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Cathedrals and all

So one of the things I was really looking forward to about our trip to the UK (aside from the castles and the Roman stuff…) was the amazing cathedrals I knew we’d see. They are just so appealing on so many levels. These are buildings some centuries old, in some cases up to 800 or more years old, which have been kept in good nick for pretty much that entire time (some having a bit of a…
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There was a documentary on SBS the other day called “Tank Man,” which was about the dude who stood in front of the tank during the … events… in Tianenmen (??) Square. It’s clearly become some of the iconic footage of the 90s. Other icons I can think of from the 90s include Mikhail Gorbachev, the night-vision shots of Baghdad with bombs falling on it from the first Gu…
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Damming Sudan

I’m annoyed about a new dam they’re building in Sudan, which will both destroy the livelihood of lots of nomads and lots of archaeological sites as well. So what it needs is for photographers and other people with clout to go over there and make a big song and dance to try and save at least some of it… but I don’t think it’s going to happen, because nobody seems to m…
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