Sad day for the environment

Well, another wildlife crime to report I am affraid. This time, government and Reporter instigated.

Donald Trump has been given consent by John Swinney MSP ( to rape the dunes of Balmedie beach and build 500 houses, a hotel, holiday homes and 2 golf courses. The environment is not as important as profit it seems.

Laughingly, Donald Trump claimed that the dunes would now be safer now because a couple of big storms could blow them away. Well Mr Trump, they have been there for 100s of 1000s of years and shift naturaly. Now he plans to secure them like his hair to his head.

You might have got the idea by now that I care about the environment, unlike my government, Aberdeenshire Council and Trump. Shame on you all. If you feel as strongly as I do, try sending the nice Mr Swinney an email. You’ll not get a response but, it might make you feel better.

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