Congratulations Shortlisted Story Authors - Shame About Voting System

Looking at the shortlist most of my Favourites are in there, and an impressive list is is too. Well done everyone.

However, looking at some of the entries they seem to have comments from people whose only contribution to Red Bubble has been to comment on that one story and add it as their one favourite.

Please don’t think this is sour grapes because my story wasn’t shortlisted (it wasn’t good enough), but did the rules not say that any obvious manipulation of the voting system would disqualify an entry?

This isn’t to say that these stories don’t have any merit, it’s just that it would be a shame if some of the stories more deserving of the shortlist (and I thought there were a few – no, not mine) missed out because someone decided to contact all their mates to get them to join up to vote for their story.

Sorry if this makes me sound like a grouch, I’m not really, it just thought I should make the observation.

May the best stories make the cut.


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