Unleashed07 - Short Stories - Early Deadline Cutoff?

Along with my story End of Days I intended adding a second entry this afternoon.

Seeing as I rushed it, I wanted to hold back as late as possible in case of any last-minute edits. According to the rules entries needed to be in today (Fri 13th) by 5pm. Unfortunately, the site went down for maintenance at about 3:30 and wasn’t back up by the time I left work at 6.

I realise in the greater scheme of things there was loads of time for entries, but I didn’t join until last week. If the rules say 5pm I would have expected it would be possible to post entries up to that time.

Ho hum, not to worry, I’ll just have to go with the one entry and hope for the best.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone who entered.

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