Remember how You felt when Dale Earnhardt Sr. finally hit the wall
All those cheers for a thousand years became a trail of tears
Or how when You waited for Your 1st Lover who promised He’d call
You tried to drown Your lonely feelings in drugs, liquor and beers
Suddenly it dawned on You…Pure Life ain’t supposed to be this way
" I can’t believe this is happening to Me" is what You say
That’s what Your Soulmates eyes mean after the 3rd hour of Climax
Once Le Petit Mort moves Your structure way out of control
Disaster Victims cry it when they feel the wall on their backs
Watching Le Grand Mort claim-jump Relatives…exacting its toll
Sometimes Life throws Us knucklers and We say We want out…
That’s what Le Grand and Le Petit Mort is all about
O! My God! is the 1st thing that comes out of Your mouth
Unless You’re perplexed of vexed…then it’s Holy Shit or Jesus Fuckin’ Christ
Then We Pray it when We hear The Perfect Sovereign’s Name headin’ south
The Truth works like a Surgeon when a tumor is sliced
When Angel Gabriel’s B flat blows for Ideal Society…watch and see
The Refiner’s Fire makes all Carbon-based Units Black like Me
That last Rhyme reveals those Mysterious atonal sounds
Sighs, grunts, coughs, gasps, gulps…honest Whore moans and groans
Why those Mothra butterflies in Yo’ belly must weigh ten thousand pounds
Like The Tingler felt shut-up in Yo’ not-so-funny bones
So,next time You witness #8 Words in Someone else’s eyes
Just Remember this Strong and Gentle Reminder to Recollect Your…
…………………………………..Blessing in Disguise


The Original Rainbow Gathering featured Noah and The Ark
The saying goes " Le plus ca change, le plus c’est le meme chose"
Are We better off now, or still stabbing in the dark
To wrest Power from Earth-haters Rainbows defy and oppose 1
No Adult can tell another Adult what to do
But I would Preserve My Sovereign Rights if I were You 2
There are less than 30 years of Potable Water left to drink 3
And less than 50 years of Oxygen which We all need 4
Atlanteans weren’t the 1st Generation to live on the brink
But this is bound to be the last if We don’t change Our creed
No one said it would be easy for Us to turn the tide
But We’ve got that Fighting Spirit, Justice and Perfect Love on Our side 5
Black Love Supreme is Sronger than death and Mightier than the grave 6
Better watch Yo’ step…It’ll tear that ass out the frame
It’s up the You to go straight or go hide in a cave
Just Remember how We got here and why We all came
Love and Money is the quest of every Soul on Earth 7
Popular Sovereignty entails Natural Law Rights to Land and Minerals by Birth
When I was little We used to Love to warch Mighty Mouse
Now I know if You run The Rat Race…The Rats always win
All governments loathe Strong Families and prefer a strong house 8
It only seems easier to manage Children in a Baby pen
Both fools and water go the way they are diverted
Kudos to Rainbows Who know better…these 8 issues won’t be skirted

G E T ‘C H O’ M I N D R I G H T! ! !

Unforgettable Rebel Rhyme Haiku Ed M.O.S.E.S. Malone Tattoo

In the throes of Orgasms
Soul drops human form
Like a bad habit
Spirit knows Chiliasm’s
Black Eye of the Storm
Rapture Rhymes have it
Melanin Orgasm Sovereignty
Enfranchisement Sanctuary

Urim and Thummin Rapture Rhyme Haiku Heart Soul Mind Home Spirit News

M-for the Greatest substance known
O-for Mitosis function
S-for Ascent to the Purple Throne
E-for Mental Hygiene’s junction
S-for Womens’s and Childrens’ safety 1st
Truth dot gov bubbles don’t burst

Baby Shoes for Sale…Never Used Haiku You can’t feel what I feel Blues

I’m a Loveless Pilgrim of sorrow…
Lost in this Universe alone
Silence has gripped Me from Head to Toe
But Art puts starch in My Backbone
No one cares if I live or die
Which begs The Eternal question…Why?

Final Jeapordy Rebel Rhyme Haiku Justice is what Rainbows Do

Ratsbig as Elephants…Roaches big as Rats/
Earth’s Totem resembles The Sphinx…Phat Cats
Catamaran High Phynance
Dance Floor’s Rowdy…Battle field’s Rowdy

100th Monkey Rebel Rhyme Haiku Every Day Learn Somethin’(Somethin’)New

Rapture Rhyme’s Big Black Truth
The Fountain of Youth
Thrives right between Your thighs
Path to Wisdom’s rough, Ruth
As Orgasm’s smooth
Element of surprise
Wild Sex Acts Climax prevents Heart attack
Shock Bonobos off Yo’ back
You can lead a horse to water
But You can’t make it drink the Ocean
You can Think about Gray matter…
…Don’t even Think about Emotion
Love’s Rhythm Method Artifacts Own G-Spot
…Who feels it knows it’s Hot

Khajuraho Seed Face to Face Haiku Gender Bonding Superglue

Brothers bond shoulder to shoulder
Sisters bond face to face…so We’re told
Billionaire Bond Banquet’s bolder
Love’s in 1st Place…Miracles unfold
And enfold One Big Happy Family
With Popular Sovereignty
Tension. Charge. Discharge. Relaxation.
Mechanical. Electrical.
Orgasm Formula Revelation
Is Moral and Ethical
Y’all ain’t tryin’ to hear Truth
Sex commands attention like a Wisdom tooth
Porne’…Aphrodite’s alter ego
Greek Goddess of War, Love, Lust
Porno…aphrodisiax on the lo lo
Trust! Justice is Blind Thrust
Perpetual Orgastic Revolution Now
P.O.R.N…..Rainbow Powwow


My Aunt went on Safari to Kenya and witnessed the unthinkable at a watering hole. She said She and Her Group saw all God’s creatures take their dear, sweet time, taking their turn at the watering hole…drinking, playing, bathing,resting without fear or anxiety. One species would approach the watering hole only after the preceding species was finished and gone. She marveled at how orderly wild creatures behaved in the Cradle of Civilization and at how their hospitality took her completely by surprise…no predators…no prey…just creatures in need and at ease. Teary-eyed, She asked me, Beloved, what is Love? I responded, Your Majesty You Yourself have witnessed Perfect Love at 1st Sight which largely goes unnoticed everyday with Your own eyes in the wild and Thank You very much for sharing Your Remarkable Testimony…AMEN.

Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease



Trotwood, United States

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The Silent Poet’ s Quiet diatribe

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