Mill Isle, Ireland

From Mill Isle, Ireland, a tradiional monochrome photographic artist specialises in abstract realism and the interplay of light and...

Revision of rules for NLNI

Revision of rules:

It has been a long time since we revised our rules. Please note certain rules changes which come into effect from 6th January 2009. The rules are purposed to ensure fresh and regular and varied entries from all our members.

1: All images must be high quality and designed to showcase our beautiful part of the world.

2: Images must be taken within Northern Ireland’s six counties – Fermanagh, Armagh, Tyrone, Derry/Londonderry, Antrim and Down.

3: It would be helpful for locals and visitors alike if you could state in image descriptions where it was taken!

4: The group welcomes images of places, characters, events and objects from N.I.

5: Please try to provide original images; as images that are similar to earlier posts will no longer be accepted.

6: Please limit your posts to 2 per day.

7: All journals should relate to the Northern Ireland group, Northern Ireland; its issues, characters, places etc. or make reference to an image or artwork.

8: Images should be posted in the group for them to be entered in a NI challenge.

9: We would encourage our members to support their fellow members by viewing and commenting on their art as regularly as possible.

10: Please abide with all other Redbubble general rules.

Journal Comments

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