Mill Isle, Ireland

From Mill Isle, Ireland, a tradiional monochrome photographic artist specialises in abstract realism and the interplay of light and...

Nowhere Like Northern Ireland group showcase #1

I have decided to showcase the work of members of the Nowhere Like Northern Ireland group; images of which you may not have seen as they are not themselves shown on the art of NI pages, but the members are

Please click on the name of the artist and go and have a look at all of their art, please.

BTW, This is is just the first of a series, so don’t worry if you’re not in, you’ll be featured sooner or later*

Ursula Rodgers

Endless Archways-by-Ursula Rodgers

Bowl-and-Spoon-by-Ursula Rodgers

Aeroplanes-by-Ursula Rodgers

Susan Grissom

Irish Industrial-by-Susan Grissom

Liberation-by-Susan Grissom

pink-and-black-no-23-by-Susan Grissom




Wooden Roses-by-RedShedArt

Prayer Triptych-by-RedShedArt



Angel Rays-by-Serenity

The Bridge-by-Serenity

Well done Laura, Susan, Ursula and Serenity

PS to everyone else, just get ready, in case you’re showcased next month

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