Toronto, Canada

I’ve been painting a few years now. My interest in art has been lifelong, but painting specifically has been my calling since...


When my partner and I moved in together, the first few night we spent with boxes everywhere, waiting for us to unpack them, and only a few loose necessities, odds and ends.

He has a poetic soul, and he sees incredible beauty in the forgotten minutiae of decay. Among his loose affects was a halo of drift wood, and through it, in the window, our first view of the city we love together.

It’s hard not to feel the presence of magic peering through a natural porthole into twinkling city lights.

And there we were, cohabitating for the first time. Nothing short of magical. If we didn’t have angels watching over us that night, then we had fairies, or some other mythical energy. I guess they call it love.

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