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I’ve been painting a few years now. My interest in art has been lifelong, but painting specifically has been my calling since...

The Road to Hell is Paved with Misdirection

I guess this will be where I explain my work, one piece at a time. I like it. I’ve never done this before.

So, ok. For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian politics, The past decade or so has been a politically tumultuous ride. We’ve had a progressive conservative party in office for many years now, and I’m not afraid to say that I highly suspect fraud is what’s been keeping them there.

There’s a very extensive list of infractions implicating PC leader, Stephen Harper, and among them are robocalls misdirecting voters in previous elections, extreme reduction of protected Nature reserves, Canada’s exit from the Kyoto protocol, multiple prorogues of parliament, C-51, laws to rescind citizenship including of people who have been born and raised in Canada, the waiving of all rights at the G20 incident, the pipelines. Millions of missing dollars from the CRA books… The list goes ever on.

His allure to the people was his promise to ‘balance the budget’ and his oath of ‘fiscal responsibility’. Every election campaign is spent flouting the economic responsibilities of his competition, mixed with personal smatterings. Unannounced, of course, is the fact that the Harper government has amassed such an enormous deficit, that Canada is in the midst of a deep depression. Over ten years, our dollar has dropped from roughly equal to the American dollar to only about .75c American.

This man is a liar, a cheat, and he is dangerous. I painted the satirical piece corresponding to the title of this journal entry during the C-51 (waive of citizen rights to privacy, permission to acquire information by torture are included in the bill) campaign. May he be elected out of office this Monday, and may he be forever remembered as Canada’s WORST prime minister. He has certainly earned that claim to shame.

Three cheers for free speech, that I still have the right to satirical art. If Harper is re-elected, I may just lose that right. Not that it would stop me.

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