The Break-up

The Break-up

It happened a quiet cold night,
He said he was tired of trying,
She wept and begged,
For him to change his mind,
But he stood firm,
They would no longer be.

She asked advice from all of her friends,
Play mind games and lie said they,
She had never lied to him,
Their relationship had been pure,
Finally she caved,
And put up a front.

She ran into him at a bar,
She had dressed her finest,
To prove she was still worthy of love,
He asked her to dance,
She said yes,
And they moved across the dance floor.

They locked eyes many times,
She had to turn away,
Her eyes moistened with fresh tears,
She was careful not to show him,
Full of anxiety and fear,
She kept fumbling on the floor.

It turned 12:00am,
Not wanting turn into a pumpkin,
She left with her friend,
Laying down in bed that night,
She kept asking,
What do I do?

He had grabbed my hand,
And squeezed oh so tight when I left tonight,
As sleep rolled over her eyes,
After so many sleepless nights,
She finally knew the answer,
Only time can tell.

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