Objectively, of course, Dvorak is a better system. It makes more sense and it’s easier to use. But QWERTY doesn’t fight fair. Its power is that it’s ubiquitous, so Dvorak never gets a chance to prove itself. Dvorak wins in an honest contest, but the world isn’t a meritocracy, even when it comes to keyboard configurations. I’ve learned Dvorak, but I use QWERTY.

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The Future is Non Binary and Intersectional

This new design came out of an moment I had earlier this year, at the county fair, of all places. There were some political groups there, and a woman at the Democrats table informed me that I should not vote for the young, male, queer, internet-savvy candidate I favored for a particular race because “he can’t win” and “the future is female.” / I didn’t fight wi…
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Fox and Rabbits in Their Own Clover Fields

Since I’m blogging 5 days a week at QWERTYvsDvorak.com, I forget that I have this RedBubble blog that nobody every reads where I can just talk about T-shirt designs. / Tonight I uploaded 2 new design, both of which I made this week in pretty similar styles. They’re both cut paper collages using specialty papers: flowered origami paper in pink, flowered origami paper in orange, and met…
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So Many Uploads, So Little Time

Obviously, I’ve added a ton of designs since I last wrote a journal post. Many of them were panels from Dragon Comics, but I’ve got 3 new ones that are unique. / First I added the Blue Morpho Butterfly, which took about 3 weeks to paint. Then I added a peacock design, which I call “Vanity Has a Thousand Eyes.” That one took about 5 months. I gave up on it a couple times bu…
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My Nephew Goes Wading

This design took forever! Mostly because I kept thinking I couldn’t do it. And admittedly, I still don’t think it’s perfect. It seems to me that the boy’s joy is not as pronounced as it was in the model. Still, I need to respect my own painting abilities. / The source image is actually the same photograph used for My Sister and Brother-in-Law Look to the Future . It was a …
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