My Swag now available

As I approach 5K subscribers and over 500K views on my youtube channel Quest4vape I constantly search for ways to improve. Including a bootcamp course at Youtube and many hours of online learning. My next upgrades will help improve audio (buying a lapel mike and a boom mike, headset) lighting eliminating glare, wash out, and shadows. I also need a more powerful laptop to handle more advanced editing programs and storage. Video files are huge. Third priority is a DSLR camera, but for now my Iphone still takes amazing video and my ipro lens system provides me with the wide angle and close ups that I need. Eventually though I will take this amateur hobby channel and vape lifestyle vlog to a more creative approach with longevity outside of and beyond vaping. For all of this I need to monetize my channel in a tactful and tasteful way. Having already refused to be the mouthpiece and voice for several crappy manufacturers and distributors (which would have paid handsomely but compromised my integrity) including China Manufacturing, National distribution network, CBD Oil marketer and rebrander, eliquid manufacturer, eliquid marketer and rebrander lab. I continue to provide the best possible content that I can produce with the means, resources, and time available to me, while still creating content and completing projects. I don’t sit around thinking about someday doing something. I do it now, and do it as best as I can, but I do it. May not be perfect, often far from it, but it’s done.

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