Tee Speech is Free Speech. It’s a quaint, cheesy saying I came up with, but in its simplicity I also think it’s true. When a person chooses a graphic t-shirt to wear, they are saying something about themselves. Big or small, serious or joking, even accidental – the graphic t-shirt is a form of human expression.

I love art and I’ve practiced at it all my life. In the end, I find what I have to say is full of the same imagery all our heads are full of whether we like it or not.

There a lot of technical processes in this graphics thing, and a lot of rules.

The dance around ironic rules of order about how much psychic baloney we’re allowed to regurgitate BACK OUT is fun and seductive to me. For example, I can’t show Tigger’s face, but I can say I love him or I don’t like him, or show a silhouette that reminds us of Tigger. Hell, I feel lucky we’re allowed to get that much out SOMEHOW.

Meanwhile, Disney can plaster his image on every flat surface in sight. We cannot avoid Tigger from the moment we are born. Can we? We DO all know who Tigger is, right? LOL – just checking!

So I’m a hack. Yes, I have no doubt of that. It’s not I, the lumbering artistic giant putting my cartoons on baby food bottles. We’re guerrilla fighters making any desperate bid to comment on this stuff and survive.

No, tigers do not play nice with sad blue donkeys when the going gets tough, do they? Seems like somewhere that needs to be said. Seems a t-shirt is a reasonably good place to say it, and when it’s not, nowhere will be.

I hold that beauty is a natural thing beyond us all. This graphics war is not about beauty – it’s about human expression – sometimes of beauty, but of all manner of things. Sure, they own Tigger, and all these other pop icons – but I own the small desperate space between my ears where those also eternally dwell. I am the audience and I produce feedback.

That’s where this is coming from. It’s commentary. So far, every one of my visuals has a comment or two to make. So far, a handful of people like my comments. So thanks, and I’m working on the next.

Who knows, maybe someday I can afford to patch my roof. It takes weeks to do a shirt design. Still, let’s face it, I would be doing this for free anyhow. I think most artists on here would. I’m not at all sure we can help it. So it’s a labor of love, but it is labor.

Thanks, Be Well, and Peace Out.


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