my love of visual beauty is what led me to Architecture. the way shapes, forms, textures, colors………i find it intriguing and tantalizing

my whole life I have loved to just sit with pencil & paper….doodling…..just doodling.

as i continued to doodle i found this doodling impacted my thought & feelings about architecture…how one thing, one pencil line might suggest, might influence another. as i grew older, my doodle explorations seemed to generate and ‘SUGGEST’ what composition and appearance might want to be, abstract yet fun..

my doodling seemed to just generate from my love of form and the ‘relationship of the parts’…my love of finding pleasure in the relationships that seemed to generate

’Generated Doodles”— pencil explorations—at times simple , at times complex - “doodles”—- my springboard for exploring the visual.

Computers expand conceptualization explorations in their forms, colors, shapes, textures, compositions; Collages—mutations, no end to the suggestion of possibilities—-an off-shoot generates entirely different works, feelings & emotions.

At times purely two dimensional, at other times a representation of a concept modeled in 3D from an original doodle; abstract in nature… yet I find their ability to stir the imagination intriguing, challenging, fascinating, exciting .

explorations for wall art fun, and then,,, my love for stained glass

stained glass……not until retiring did i recognize my true love of this medium…and that is good….because, now retired i can just enjoy the avocation of exploring those compositions that can become class creations..fabricated in glass…..illustrated glass patter creations….or simply shared as line drawings for others to color as a coloring book

so many options, so little time to explore them all……

  • Age: 72
  • Joined: March 2008


customization of my artwork welcome

Thank you for visiting my work here at REDBUBBLE. / There are unlimited ways my designs can be produced on the products offered through this site. / As an Architect, designing for a client’s personal needs is what was so satisfying. / I would enjoy individualizing my designs for you, / Should there be a particular work here that you desire, but do not see the format you like, please let me …
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait