It rains again

“You must be brave enough to live your dreams”, a quote that resonates within my mind, reminding like a domineering parent

“It rains again
like quivering thoughts” – am I brave enough to extricate the pain, the hopes and emotions and lay them out for my own eyes and for the gaze of others, as they read some of my world curious or perhaps scoffing, indifferently skimming

“Trying to escape—seeking out the winged exist, stammering but constantly looking with sleepy eyes and a dreamy gaze”- trying to escape. Absolutely. First I was trying to run away from everything taking me away from my true self, everything that didn’t give me that internal tingle, everything that didn’t feel as if it was created from rays of light, and that wouldn’t fit or complete a design in the intricate tapestry of my soul.

Everything that didn’t make me want to sing, dance, write or cry.

And then I started running away from everything that reminded me of my unbound self
And slowly settled for drab walls, for lethal realism, and missed the many winged exists right in front of my eyes.

“The same familiar scents permeate the air, the same scenes a never ending sea
What do I say? Why wrap my soul in vague confusion, in voiceless words, in mysterious melodies? Not knowing who to trust where to let my soul sleep, how to set it free”

Yes it’s a repeating cyclical journey, a baffling confusing maze. I remember a friend of mine once said: there isn’t only one path that we are supposed to find
But a path that leads to another path that leads to another, I need to set my soul free by going freely from one path to another
“A healing, I reach out to it with both hands
The serenity of knowing how to let go, how to undress the soul, layer by layer and let it bask under the rays of the sun”

It rains again.

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