A quick 5 Q&A with gerijuliaj and PLV! :D

Every week I randomly select a Red Bubbler and give them a quick 5 Q&A interogation!
This weeks Red Bubbler is gerijuliaj
A very talented Artist who captured my imagination with her creation and dedication to Bob Dylan entitled Forever Young #2

Ok, enough with the love and on with the show…

Name five people who have had an influence on your life (whether it be personal or artistic) and why?

I guess everyone’s parents affect their lives to some extent and my parents were no exception. Their love of music and open and intelligent discussion on everything from politics to art definitely inspired me.
My friend Neil – (we never actually went out together)…we met at about the age of 18. He inspired me with his knowledge and genius on all things spiritual, artisitc and architectural.
He helped me to see the beauty in the everyday and nature. We would spend hours solving the problems of the world together whilst at the same time drawing or painting and drinking copius amounts of red wine whilst listening to the ‘latest’ underground music…he was an aristocrat from a very wealthy influential family…related to royalty, so I also learnt how to mind my ‘Ps and Qs’. Sadly we lost touch around 5yrs ago, but I believe he is still working as an architect in the South of England restoring old buildings.
As a child my first profound artistic moment came when i saw a painting of Monet’s Poppies…
I could not take my eyes off it and to this day Poppies and the wonderful golden colour of grass in Summer is still one of the most beautiful sights that i will ever see.
My partner Brian who is a Journalist. His approach to life and work regardless of the dangers, opposition and outfall have never failed to move and inspire me.
He has helped and encouraged me in a way that few people would in selling my artworks ‘door to door’ and always having complete and utter faith in me as an human being/artist/photographer. He will ‘sit’ for me as my muse and has in the past driven several hundred klms so I can get the ‘right photo’…I am V lucky!
I have had a few forays into photography and due to unforeseen circumstances have had to put it on hold. In 2003 whilst working at Capital Magazine, Canberra I was fortunate to work for Elizabeth Hawkes as her ‘sometime’ photographic assistant and realised once more my love of the medium.
Finally, my two daughters Faith and Lauren…who are a constant inspiration to me. Faith for her strength and beauty of spirit and wisdom beyond her years. She keeps me grounded. Lauren and I have weathered some major storms together mostly due to her being paralysed in a car accident when she was 4yrs old…Her suffering has been mine and vice versa…but the inspiration and love from both my girls is something that will surpass time.

Name five people you would like to have over for a dinner party and why… and also what you would cook for them?

JOHN LENNON for his wonderful wit, music and intelligence…he also had heaps of charisma…a wonderful ingredient!
BILLY CONNOLLY/PAMELA ANDERSON…sorry I’m sneaking in partners. Billy is probably the only person that has made me laugh so much I almost cried…and everyone needs to laugh more.
BILL HENSON. I soooo want to know what inspires him as a photographer and just adore his photos. Hopefully he can give me some useful tips.
PEGGY GUGGENHEIM. She lived the most amazing life amongst some of the most famous artists of the 19th/20th century and created what is still today one of the most amazing galleries…the Museum of Contemporary Art in NY. I would love to ask her what she thought of Copntemporary Art /photography today and where she saw it going.
KEVIN RUDD (KEV 07/08/09 and beyond)…What a man..Our new Prime Minister…24/07 Kev…what would he have to say about where Australia is going and important issues like global warming etc., I think he has a sense of humour too and would probably be the ‘surprise’ of the evening!
RICHARD E GRANT. Shit I loved that movie he made ‘Wah Wah’…it rang bells in my head despite the fact i never grew up in S Africa. What an amazing story…he would add a dash of ‘eloquence’ to the group.
(if I could add one more…we need a GOOD LOOKING MAN HERE…how about good old George Clooney)
If I was cooking, which I would add I am very good at..I am a Cancerian and we by nature are the homebodies, I would cook ‘Seafood Lasagne’ because everytime i cook it, people go into raptures over it, but I also make the best ‘coq au van’ …but because I would like to sit and talk to our guests, which by the way are seated on a trestle table near the shore of …………………….beach in SA get back to you on the name, it escapes me at the moment…the temperature is around 25 deg and the sun is about to set. I would like my favourite chefs to cook the meal..Maggie Beer from the Barossa as she understands how to use local and fresh produce to its best and Delia Smith just for being ‘brilliant’ in the art of cooking. I would like them to serve up an array of mouth watering tempters ….a degustation menu ….full of lots of interesting and succulent ‘tit bits’ just like the guests!

Name five songs that changed your world… (if not songs then bands or singers)?

1. Kate Melua – Nine Million Bicycles. For simple reason it is such a beautiful song and I just love Katie’s voice.
2. The Church – Under the Milky Way tonight. I have always liked this song; it is beautiful yet poignant and took on even more meaning when it was chosen to be played at my stepson Heath’s funeral 2 years ago.
3. John Lennon – Dream. One of my favourite JL songs and REM also do a great version.
4. Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy. It reminds me of my time living in a share house in Darwin after my marriage break-up. I moved about 5 times in only a few years and yes had very few possessions, other than some “lace and paper flowers”.
5. Little Heroes – One Perfect Day. As someone who migrated from UK, it reminds me of friends and family still ‘over there’ and wishing they were nearer.
I also love everything by INXS, Cold Chisel and Ice House for introducing me to Aussie Music – some of the best music ever written and I was so glad to be in Australia in the 1980s to experience it firsthand.

Describe yourself in five words…

Dreamer, Energetic, Optimistic, Obsessive, Indecisive

List 5 things about you that we would have never guessed…

1. I worked as a model in the 80s and was featured in some pretty forgettable TV ads.
2. Being a ‘Jill’ of all trades, I also spent 10 yrs working in politics, 5 years of which was spent working for a senior Cabinet Minister at parliament House Canberra. In between I worked as a full-time artist running a reasonably successful hand-painted clothing business.
3. I hate Peanut Butter – it is honestly the only food I cannot bear to even look at.
4. I am petrified of heights to the point where I had to be rescued from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral in London some years ago after I foolishly climbed to the top and just froze. I also don’t like staying in high rise Hotels; especially with balconies for fear of sleepwalking over the edge….did I say I was paranoid?
5. Yes, I used to sleepwalk as a child….hence the fear above! Thankfully haven’t done it since attaining adulthood.

Thanks gerijuliaj!! :D

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