A quick 5 Q&A with Jianina and PLV! :D

Randomly I’m going to be selecting a Red Bubbler and giving them a quick 5 Q&A interogation!
The first Red Bubbler to take on this challenge is Jianina a gorgeous young lady with an amazing talent and appreciation of the written word.
My Favorite Jianina piece is called Deliverence
Ok, with further ado, here we go… :D

PLV – Name five people who have had an influence on your life (whether it be personal or artistic) and why?
Jianina – Mom (of course)(She keeps me humble and is so pure of heart she is a great inspiration)
My brother (for none stop persistence to do and be great)
Robert Green (Author of some of my favorite books, 33 Strategies of War, 48 Laws of power & The Art of Seduction)
The Living Legends (best underground Hip Hop crew ever THEY ARE my kind of music)
Mrs. Marshall (My high school creative writing teacher, she gave me many ideas and a designated writing time!!)

PLV – Name five people you would like to have over for a dinner party and why… and also what you would cook for them?
Jianina – Al Gore (I am a global warming freak-GO GREEN)
Alexander the Great (yeah, he’s dead, but he is one fierce ass warrior- great strategies came from his mind)
OoOoHh…Paul Walker (he is so GoOd Looking) ;)
My 3 year old nephew RJ (he is SoOo smart and my goal is to teach him well and expand his maturity he would definitely have a seat at the table)
Sade (She is a timeless singer and has the best music)
As for what I would cook for them? It would definitely have to be my famous baked tri-tip with a “special” marinade, sided with my bomb ass potato salad, seared caramelized carrots, and butter baked garlic green beans.

PLV – Name five songs that changed your world… (if not songs then bands or singers)?
Jianina – Moments In Love (By the Art of Noise-gotta check it out)
The whole soundtrack to Requiem of a Dream (Now that is some crazy shit, but very tight)
Living Legends “Classic” album (especially the track After I‘m Gone-dope!!)
Closer (By Goapele)
The whole self named LP Album of a local band called “Who Cares” (Seriously—their tight!!!!!!)
There is more where that came from!

PLV – Describe yourself in five words…
Jianina – Graceful, assertive, patient, wise & youthful

PLV – List 5 things about you that we would have never guessed!!
Jianina – Well I really shouldn’t say,Hahaha! Just kidding!
I remember practically nothing from before I was nine.
I dance everyday in front of my mirror when no one is home.
I am on my journey to become spiritually enlightened.
I have been collecting books that will make a grand home library (my goal to read each one)
I have never seen The Wizard of Oz or E.T!

Thanks so much Jianina!! :D

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