Attention Melbourne Bubblers!! March 2008 Meet Up!

Another Melbourne Red Bubble meet up is planned…
Sunday 30th March 2008 @ 2pm
This time we’re going to get a little adventurous!
An afternoon of Archery has been planned!!
From 2pm on Sunday 30th March we’re booked in at the Moorabbin Archery club for an afternoon af Photography, Archery and a BBQ!!
A one hour Archery lesson has been planned and for those who take part (in the lesson) there is a fee of $20-ea and that includes all equipment being supplied by the club.
If you do not want to take part in the Archery Lesson you can still come along and enjoy the afternoon with us whilst we fire up the BBQ on the clubs grounds.
I’ve started up a forum thread where I will keep a list of attendees and a map of where the Moorabin Archery Club can be found.
If you have any questions or requests please feel free to Bubblemail me or leave me a message in the above thread!
I’d like to thank one of our Bubble favorites FireDrake for her inspiration in regards to this meet up! :D

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