Arcangelina has written a piece inspired by an image titled *The Way Out*!

Thank you Arcangelina
for the email you sent me to inform me about this piece!!
It is amazing!
My image The Way Out

has apparently inspired Arcangelina to write a poem!
Please check it out and leave comments for her Here


Here is the piece…

She tiptoes ever so gently through the avenues of her Soul
Stops and searches, sits and waits
And like a mystical happening
The train “The Way Out” appears at her gate

“The Way Out” is the freedom needed
As she prepares herself to leave
For it will take her from this earthly space
And lead her into a cosmic place

This ageless beauty’s journey started with such haste
Yet in a breath it was replaced
As “The Way Out” moves swiftly down the tracks
It is Heaven that waits

Beyond the horizon a Bright Light she sees
Where the Angels gather and loved ones appear
They beckon her to descend
For her journey has come to its end


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