Bubblemail sometimes starts the thought process!!

Good morning to all beautiful bubblers!!
Yesterday I had an interesting Bubblemail from one of our bubble favorites Danny
who kindly made me aware of an issue perhaps best described by the term popularity.
Now before you go thinking the worst, the mail was very jovial and replied to in kind but it sparked a little thought process which is always a good thing!!
So, I would like to give back a little to the Red Bubble community by adding a link to a different member on each of my works.
Please see the picture below to see what this will look like.
Now, if you have any objections to this or don’t like the image I’ve put your link on please do not hesitate to mail me and let me know.
…and please do not be disheartened if your link is not on an image, I’ll get around to it eventually. I’m only guessing but it appears that there is over 10,000 members here at Red Bubble so I’ve only got to upload 9,700 more works to fit you all in!! LOL!
Peace, happiness and love to all!

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