A quick 5 Q&A wih LisaG and PLV! :D

This weeks Red Bubbler up for interogation is the beautiful wordsmith LisaG

How many superlatives can one use to describe this wonderful lady and her lyrical creations?
Her vast array of subject matter and playful phrasing make her an inspiration to us aspiring writers.
Please take the time to read some of her work here and you will be left with no doubts as to why she is one of Red Bubbles most popular and appreciated writers!

I’ve got a couple of favs for you to check out….

Ode to Led Zeppelin

Ok, enough with the hugs and kisses and on with the show!! :D

PLV – 1. If money or responsibilities were not an option… where would you be right now and what would you be doing?

I’d be in Fiesole, Tuscany… my soul home… studying Etruscan History, writing amongst my vegies and herbs, learning Italian from my neighbours. Taking trips all throughout Italy until; I master a dish from each region. Watch Mark paint canvas after canvas. And finally learn the Cello.

PLV – 2. Did you grow up to be what you grew up wanting to be? Care to explain?

I wanted to be a Nurse, like my grandmother and mother….my life changed when I had my first child, very young. I left school after year 10 and had three children by the time I was 21. I did go on to study at Uni but my choice of study was an Arts degree (Ancient Civilisations) and I’m yet to use it. I don’t believe I really have a vocation – I’ve been content in my employment; I have been working for a large Telco for 5 years. As it turns out… I think I would have made a great nurse ;)

PLV – 3. You are stranded on a desert island and given 5 foods you will have to eat for the rest of your life… What will you choose? Add a drink or two just for balance!


Hehe does that count? Or do I have to pick dishes. If so.

Mushroom Risotto
Grano padano with crusty bread
Curried pumpkin soup
Guinness Pie

Sav blanc wine – Orange Juice (ok fine, bourbon and coke)

PLV – 4. Up until now, what has been the best year in your life (199? or 198?) and what happened in that year that made it so great?

Impossible, I’ve 3 children I adore, each born in different years. I’m married to a wonderful man, another year there.

BUT… Then there is the year after I left my first marriage (1995). After being told, I’d amount to nothing, that I was in fact nothing… by my first husband. I worked out, I was something. My children and I blossomed, I started Uni. I started a part time job, I had almost NO money, but somehow I took care of my children; in what now seems like a grand style. I discovered, the arts – theatre, art galleries, conversation, I found my voice.

PLV – 5. If you had been an actor/actress what 5 movies would you have loved to have starred in and why?

Oh this is hard – as I can easily pick my five favourite movies.

Judy Garland – Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz
For the adventure, her compassion and strength – even though she had lost sight of “there is no place like home”

Robin Williams – John Keating – Dead Poets Society
To inspire passion, enthusiasm, and loyalty in others; is an incredible gift and admirable.

Audrey Tautou – Amélie
Oh geez, just to be Amelie would be it for me….to be quirky, carefree, yet caring, crazy yet sane. Makes the most sense, I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…

The last two are slightly different, they are not just about the roles and actors but about those they worked with.

Susan Sarandon – Sister Helen Prejean – Dead Man Walking.
Firstly, for those that know me – they will get my Nun fascination, hehe. But primarily I would love to work beside Sean Penn, for me one of the finest actors, ever.

Morgan Freeman … Ellis Boyd Redding – The Shawshank Redemption
He held his dignity and persevered to find his utopia against all the odds. And OMG got to work with Tim Robbins…whose performance and character I shall never forget.

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