A quick 5 Q&A wih Flamejob and PLV! :D

This weeks Red Bubbler up for a casual interogation is Flamejob

Now let me state a fact…
There would not be many of us out there in Bubbleland that have not favorited at least two or three of this guys amazing artistic creations.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of going through his portfolio then click here

Some of my favs are…

Ok…. enough with the chit chat and on with the show! ;p

PLV – 1. If money or responsibilities were not an option… where would you be right now and what would you be doing?

Rock Star – I would be playing guitar in a band with Zakk Wylde through a 1959 Gibson Les Paul and a truck sized Marshall rig. Hanging with Keef or Pagey would also be high on the agenda.

PLV – 2. Did you grow up to be what you grew up wanting to be? Care to explain?

Nope, I wanted to be a “Park Ranger”. Was a bit of a ‘nature-boy’ until I found out how much study was involved. I left school after HSC, and since I’ve been a debt collector, Private Detective and am now a credit manager for a global recruitment firm.

PLV – 3. You are stranded on a desert island and given 5 foods you will have to eat for the rest of your life… What will you choose? Add a drink or two just for balance!

My mum’s ‘Curry Triangles’
My brother’s Risotto (he’s the head Chef at Don Vincenzo in Brunswick St – free plug Bro)
Good Vindaloo
A couple of crates of Single Malt
And a good supply of Guiness

PLV – 4. Up until now, what has been the best year in your life (199? or 198?) and what happened in that year that made it so great?

1997 was a cracking year for me as it’s the year I left Oz on my own and headed off to travel the world for 4 years. I met a lot of amazing people, saw some incredible things and experienced situations I would never have dreamt possible.

PLV – 5. If you had been an actor/actress what 5 movies would you have loved to have starred in and why?

1) Vigo Mortenssen in Lord Of The Ring – Why ? Who wouldn’t want to dress up like that, swing big swords around and kill Orcs ? Throw a pash with Liv Tyler into the mix and this is a hands down winner.
2) George Clooney – Oh Brother Where Art Though ? – Just to work with the Cohen Bros, plus Clooney is one slick hick in this movie.
3) Harrison Ford – Blade Runner – The overcoat, the big gun AND an artificial girlfriend to boot.
4) Tom Waits in Bram Stoker’s Dracula just because Tom is god. And he eats bugs in this.
5) Mark Wahlberg – Boogie Nights – Nuff said!

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