Sex and The City - A Blokes Perspective

Good morning beautiful bubblers everywhere!

An insight into a conversation that took place recently…
My better half (mbh) “Do you want to go to the movies this weekend?”
Me, “Sure, can we watch Indiana Jones?”
Mbh, “No, if you watch Sex in The City with me then I’ll watch Indiana with you next weekend.”

There end’eth the first lesson in relationship harmony… Compromise = Blackmail!

So, off we went on Sunday afternoon…
Yes, Sunday afternoon when I should’ve been at the MCG expressing my purely hetro-sexual man-love for Chris Judd and the rest of the Carlton Football Club but no, Village Cinemas was the preferred destination.
Now, I shall not give away too much of the story… ummmm, plot…. but I soon discovered that my better half was in for an emotional roller coaster ride that only four women in a strangely scripted blockbuster can deliver.
Another reason why I agreed to this compromise was that I was also promised that there was going to be ample scenes of maiden beauties frolicking in their laciest…
I found the movie slightly educational… there are apparently other labels in the world apart from Sony, Canon and Manfrotto!
…and there is some other fellow in the world trying to rip off my name… Mr. Louis Vuitton, look out!
For the ladies, there are 81 costume changes, relationship highs and lows, references to sexual gymnastics, shoes, handbags and enough emotions to empty out a box of kleenex! Why you lot subject yourselves to such torture I still have no idea!!
Just to give my personal opinion on a related matter, we sat next a woman and her young daughter (10’ish) why you would bring a child to a movie like that??? To an adult most of what happens on the screen during this movie is quite normal but not for a childs eyes and ears.
Anyway I survived the 2.5 hours and even found some scenes quite humorous!
Rating… 3 / 5
Looking forward to Indiana Jones next week!

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